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Tommow  Marina and I  are flying from London city Airport to Berlin.The purpose is that on the 2 July we have been married 40 years. (It's also Alan's birthday).We spent our honeymoon  there.Marinas mum came over from Berlin after the war.This will be my first time since then.Marina has been since.Really looking forward to it.

If you are wondering about the maths Alan will be 35.

Will give an undate and pics later


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Just back from a bit of slight seeing and shopping.Bits and bobs of rain.We went up the tv tower,which used to be on the eastern side.Then Brandenburger tor again very different  then when I last went there, and the Reichstag.Some pics,the first is our hotel Anion looking from the bridge over the Spree.If only Sweetkingfisher  could  make it here.






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They  have had very very heavy rain on Thursday  causing flooding.We are lucky it stops and starts. It is strange  when I was here before  it was the DDR.Then as now there is a good feeling about the place.Marina is happy with her German food.If you have never been to Germany try Berlin.:default_beerchug:


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I have been of course  to Berlin,Hamburg and the  river Rhine.I understand we like the best of both worlds, next week should be on the boat.We are going out for dins now.(Grace marina got some  shoes today,me socks,did not bring enough) Guten tag and gute mach


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Ian keeps putting his little bit, so it is my turn.               

Grace, as Ian said. Yes I needed to go shoe shopping, which I did get, great news for me.  

Berlin, for me is a place I had been many times,  but it has changed for the best, but still a great for a holiday or a long weekend.

The photo I hope to attach is not brilliant, but has Ian with a little glass in his hand.


Marina :default_stinky:


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15 hours ago, Chelsea14Ian said:

If you have never been to Germany try Berlin.

I would say - prefferably try Hamburg (Berlin is IMHO rather weird).

Hamburg has lots of water*, parks and especially Miniatur Wunderland.

Disclaimer: although I live on the North-West outskirts of Hamburg I rarely go into the city.


*Recently most of the water has been falling from above - its raining NOW :(

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Marinas mum lived  in Berlin until after the war when she went to live in Sundridge kent.Her uncle lived in Hamburg we have been there also.Some pics again.The first one is me outside of the door to Marinas mum's flat,in Alt-Moabit then Charlottenburg.Then inside Kaiser-Wilhelm church.




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Moving morning first we headed to Potsdam platz Close to the wall is a display tracing the history from when Hitler came to power until the wall went up then came down.Also a large piece of the wall is in place,the German government protects parts of the wall and watchtowers.Reading some of the accounts  by the people was very moving.Then close to Check point Charlie , the wall Panorama again first hand accounts,photos  and tv footage.Check point Charlie. Now you can have your photo taken with American and Russian guards. A bit tacky

This afternoon a boattrip.And one pic for you Grace.I told them you may be calling in.

Ps the yellow  boat funny enough  is where we live.







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