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A Short Fishing Holiday June 17


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Left work at 1o’clock, sunny and 29 degs, arrived in Wroxham 2 ¼ hours later, cloudy, 19 degs and a chilly breeze, a shock to the system getting out of the car. Didn’t really care though, I was on holiday. Needed to visit Wroxham angling for supplies including buying some hooks, they didn’t have the ones I wanted so had to make do with what they had. (A mistake, more later).

Arrived at Ricardsons about 4 and was on my way soon after. Have to say even though I booked a budget boat it was still really well turned out. I decided to stop at the first wild mooring I came across. The first one free was a favourite and was strangely taped off, nothing official, just some red and white tape, thought about stopping there anyway  but decided against it. Shortly afterwards was safely tied up and setting up. By now the sun had come out and despite it being quite late in the day was still strong and also reflecting off the water so by the time it disappeared I felt like I’d been on the beach for a day. Just using a float and light tackle caught some decent fish,  I consider anything that needs the use of a landing net to be decent, but lost the best two, one the hook came untied and the other it straightened out, useless hooks. Turned it in about 11.


Next morning was gloriously sunny and still. I was going to head to Fleet Dyke today but wanted to call in at Ludham bridge to get some decent hooks!! Not knowing how busy the rivers were I figured if I get there about 11 there would definitely be space so fished a bit and at about 10 got ready to leave. Now I’m gonna go a bit girly here but one thing I don’t go anywhere without is Lypsyl, that stuff for dry lips. Well yesterday’s sun meant I needed it and like the forgetful old fool that I am had left it in the car. Quick trip back to the yard it was then.

On the way down the Ant passed a huge lump of reeds that had broken away, floating midriver at How Hill. At Ludham there was loads of space and after buying proper hooks had a fish there. It’s the type of fishing I love, centre pin reel, light line, trotting a float. Very different to those horrible (IMO) commercial carp places nowadays. What wasn’t so good was the blazing sun turning yesterday’s pink into a more red colour, and that was after using loads of suncream. Finally had enough  of busy Ludham and moved off to Fleet Dyke.

I’d heard that Fleet Dyke was a good place for the big bream so got on a wild mooring and prepared to have a go. Lashed my umbrella to the back door of the boat to get some protection from that bloody sun, chucked in a dustbin full of groundbait and out with the feeder, not my preferred method but I was gonna catch some big bream, right? Wrong. Fished until about 11 again and the biggest was about 1 ½ pounds, plus some mosquito bites. To top it all off I had foolishly fished all evening with the boat doors open, no lights on inside though. When I shut everything up and put a light on I couldn’t believe it. It seemed like every type of flying insect was buzzing around the lights and loads of them. Got rid of most of them, very humanely, but a disturbed night followed with a few I missed.


Was awake early on Thurs, bloody insects. Didn’t fancy fishing where I was, it wasn’t great yesterday, why would today be any different. Had some tea then coffee and breakfast and thought of where to go. Couldn’t stop thinking about those big bream, maybe St Bennets, trouble is it’s too busy there. Decided I need to have an evening there, either tonight or tomorrow. It had got very windy, don’t like the wind, I’m actually sounding like a right old grump now, don’t like wind, sun, busy.

Off up the Ant I headed for somewhere sheltered. Crossed Barton and moored at Barton Turf. Fished for a while there but it just didn’t feel right. A big plus of being on your own, if you don’t like something just move on without having to consider anyone else, of course there are down sides too. Moved over to Paddys Lane and got on the end mooring. Now this looked just perfect, really. When I moored there I thought “ that’s it I’m here for the day”.  Sitting on the back of the boat, sheltered from the wind, overhanging bushes, a tree blown into the river that I could trot a float down to, hardly any passing boats, what’s not to like, well I’ll tell you what, no sign of fish. In 2 hours I caught 3 small roach. Having said that it was enjoyable because of how beautiful it was. I was once told there are 3 stages to fishing, first you want to catch any fish, then you want to catch big fish, then you don’t care what you catch so long as you’re in a nice place. I guess I’m getting old.

So after thinking this was my resting place for the night I had to think again, off to St Bennets for those big bream.

Passing How Hill I had a collision with something underwater, don’t know what. It’s pretty tight through there as I’m sure you know and as boats were moored and others coming upstream  I was proper hugging the reeds. I figure to give the boats coming upstream as much space to pass the moored boats as possible, well whatever I hit gave me a big shove to port that had I been passing a boat at that time I’m sure we would have collided. Be warned.

At St Bennets, my boat facing upstream, tide going out the conditions were just right for sitting on the back and trotting a float close to the quay heading, and I mean close, 6 – 9 inches. Save the feeder fishing for later. Had some lovely roach doing that. About 6 the tide turned so the trotting off the back was finished so out went the feeder for the big bream which don’t really exist but are a marketing ploy. I say this because despite fishing again until 11 the best I caught was about 1 ½ pounds and some more mosquito bites. Kept the doors shut tonight.

Something from the evening though. Even though we’d moored there before I’d never realised how fast the tide runs through there and how much it rises and falls. Normally when we pass St Bennets it’s  windy and rough with boat wash. Having sat out until the wind died down and watched the flow and also the level on the quay heading I was surprised.


Fri. 5am, it was windy and my tea was cold before the feeder hit the bottom, my last full day and I was up early to catch one of those big bream.  I’ll stop now. I failed to catch the Loch Ness Monster which is not surprising as we all know it doesn’t exist.

Actually today was to turn out to be the best day of them all and not just for the fishing. I didn’t know where to go but was mindful of the need to be close to Ricco’s for the return. What I did know was that I needed water as I’d not filled up at all. Knowing I could get water at the boatyard at South Walsham that’s where I headed first. I had no intention of stopping in Fleet Dyke, none at all, but passing the 24 hr moorings closest to the broad the end mooring was available, close to some reeds, I had to have a go, there had to be fish there. (I said that before). This time I was right. Fishing a float and with the help of wind and the flow able to guide it right up against the reeds a way out had some fantastic fishing. Not easy fishing, took some effort. Biggest bream about 4lb, countless smaller ones, good roach and the best for me, a perch, about 3lb, on corn. All on light tackle, so enjoyable.

I thought I might spend the night here. It would mean an early start in the morning to get back but the fishing was good so might stay. I had no signal on my phone and wanted to call Mrs W to let her know where I was and that I had no signal, so went off in search of one (more elusive than those big bream). Walking along the moorings made me smile, private and hire boaters with their chairs and barbeques out enjoying in their own way. It’s a lovely spot.

Anyway, finally got a signal, chat to Mrs W and back to the boat. Fished some more, caught some more. Now to decide, stay here or move, I still hadn’t got that water.

Feeling pleased with what I’d caught I thought, move on. Went and got the water and headed off up the Ant. By now it was about 5. Have you ever been happy seeing other people happy? I passed boat after boat on my way up the Ant, pretty sure they’d just taken them over, the smiles on their faces said it all!!

I stopped just before Barton Broad intending to fish there later, had a shower, cooked some dinner. After dinner I thought ..nah…let’s not fish….. how about a little cruise about. It was quarter to eight, it didn’t get dark for another 2 hours, if I set off and couldn’t find a mooring anywhere so long as I could get back to Ricco’s before dark all would be good. Did I say earlier the fishing was so enjoyable? Well the next hour and half was too. Didn’t have to spend the night in the yard, found an empty wild mooring for the night.

All in all that was one of the best days I’ve spent on the broads.

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