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waste holding tank cheap

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Hiya i used to have a thetford cassette toilet thingy

but found it a real pain emptying all the time

so i have decided to go down the route of an electric sea toilet

i have the loo already

and a friend said it was ok these days to flush straight in the river

as the broads have said as long as no chemicals are used its fine???

but the BSS still says you need a tank

does anyone know the real law on the broads

and also where i can get a cheap tank from

not too worried about size as we are on a marina with pump out facilities

but obviously if its too small it will need to be pumped very regularly

so prob around 5o gallons seem right???


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I don't think the Broads Authority would be too happy with you emptying straight into the river, from memory the BSS only states that you must have a method of locking off the external outlet so that it can not accidently be flushed out into the river, I am not even sure that that is for the BSS and not just the various inland authorities.

50 gallons is a good sized Holding tank, much more than that and you could be storing yourself up a lot of s**t.

Do you have a raw water inlet at the moment or are you starting from scratch? even with a raw water inlet available fresh water is a much nicer way to go, as long as you have a big enough tank for your domestic water to not worry about the toilet use stopping you washing.

If you want metal it must be 316 Stainless Steel as urine is ultra corrosive but if I was doing it again I would go for Plastic, you need a proper Black Water tank made from odour resistant plastic, if you hunt around you should be able to get one made to your requirements to maximise your available space but if you look for a marine supplier you will pay a hefty premium.

you can not feed the fresh water directly from your supply so you will also need a small tank of about 10 litres as a reservoir for your intake, this just needs to be set up like your syston at home.

Make sure you are using the correct pipe between your Toilet and the Holding Tank, it is not cheap but there is a reason for using it that would become very apparent the first time you walked on board if you were to cut costs here.

It is also a good idea to have 1 1/2" for your inlet and your vent, firstly it stops your tank imploding when vacced out and secondly if the tank can breath then it won't smell.

Make sure you buy the correct fitting for your pump out it mus be BW standard or you will find no one can put their hose into it.

Hope this helps Ian

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when i actually plumbed it in the 1st time i did it straight off the fresh water supply with a non-return valve

but it sent the loo haywire

rung the supplier and they said take it out now lol

a. the germs can get back through the valve to pollute the water

b. the pressure is too much for the toilet

luckily i do have a raw water tap in the hull

but it was about 10 foot from where the loo is now sited

so i had to get a long length of pipe

works ok tho, just takes a little while for the water to get through sometimes

i was thinking bag or plastic tank yes

i did think about swapping one of the fuel tanks as there are 2 on here both huge

either side of the boat but decided not as if ever someone puts diesel in the wrong one it might be bad news

plus i'd have to remove all the pipework and re-do it and the balancing stuff too

plus it might make the boat lean funny even more than she does

so new plastic it will be hopefully

any ideas where's a good cheap place then anyone??

i have looked but as has been said it seems to be marine places only which charge a fortune

asap do waste hose at a reasonable cost for reference anyone

plus the discount helps lol

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