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Summer In England

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On a day like today it don't get any better.Tennis at Wimbledon and Cricket at Lord's. Come on Andy,Heather and Johanna.Flying the flag for the UK,Come Joe Root and the boys playing South Africa. Strawberry and cream,Pimms, ice cream.Cold beers.Light clothing sun on your face.Any better perhaps  being on the boat.What ever you are doing enjoy the day:423_tennis::433_cricket::default_icon_cool:


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Rain !!!  iv no idea how much has fallen in Norwich but its a serious amount in the last 3 hrs I'm pretty sure there will be crazy flooding all over the place  .:default_badday:

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Ah, summer in England it doesn't get any better, especially when mr and Mrs beds lad are in potter heigham boating, fishing, drinking and generally having a rather chilled out time.

roll on Saturday wooooohoooooo:default_beerchug:

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We traveled back from Devon yesterday, the maximum temperature was 32 degrees and we managed to get home in 5 and half hours with a stop, the air conditioning in the car was working overtime. No rain on the journey and when we got home it was still 27 degrees. 

There was a few spots of rain around 6.00pm but that was it. 



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I agree with the above comments of the cricket and the Cycling.

Over the weekend I drove to Scotland and Back..

18.5 hours driving in 27 hours...

on the way back it rained, starting this side of Beattock summit, and continued all the way through to Newark.

 Just north of Donny, the rain was so heavy on the A1M, I was down to 40MPH, and considering slowing, in the left hand lane with Nothing overtaking me.


 Now that's a British Summer...


Forecast for the next fortnight sunshine and showers, time to get the waterproofs ready for regatta week...

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