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passage planning advice

Guest Davey Jones

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Hi all

Started to look into planning some trips for this year, One that is a must,Gt yarmouth to St Kats on the Thames,we are based at brundal bay marina,cruising speed 17 to 22nm.advice required re shotly marina on the orwell,thinking of making it our first stopover,

Have not stopped at shotly,had a look at entrance last year on way to Ipswitch.Is there any problems re visiter berths,and leaving at a set time,re lock ect.any advice on this passage would be must welcome,


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Hi Merlyn, when are you thinking of doing St Kats?

We will also be doing the trip this year in August.

The forum has 2 intelligence officers in Shotley so I am sure they will add info shortly.

Have you been following the Salty bottoms threads and are you aware of the Easter meet?

What is your boat, We Cruise at 20-22 kn as it looks like most of the other Salty Bottoms will be, although we do have one boat threatening to cruise at 10 (he will never do it though) :Stinky:Stinky


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Hi Ian

We have not fixed any dates as yet ,but would be good to see other boats going our way,Re-salty bottoms thead,yes been following it,we might be at oulton broards easter depends on wheather,if fine prefere to go out through yarmouth

thanks for reply


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I can thoroughly recommend Shotley.

24 hour lock, fully serviced Marina; Visitors berths are generally not a problem but advisable to book ahead.

Oh and The Shipwreck is an added bonus.

more info http://www.eastcoastmarinas.co.uk/index ... 2&Itemid=3

http://www.eastcoastmarinas.co.uk/pdfs/ ... idance.pdf

Give us a shout nearer the time if you need any further assistance

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Hello Merlyn,

Just to put my two pennthworth in, Shotley, brilliant, easy access,24 hours, good facilities and we've never had a problem with getting a berth, they have a great little gizmo in place of leading lights, called a Moire Light, it actually points in which direction you need to steer to keep on line.

St Kats is another thing, in my opinion.

We went once and will not go again. The staff are rude and aloof, it is expensive, £168.00 for 2 nights for a Fifty foot boat. It is noisy and the rats are as big as dogs as the refuse is kept on the rickety pontoons and is collected very early in the mornings. Japanese tourists put their cameras to good use,and all together it was not a good experience.

Limehouse basin is always our choice and last time we were there the fees were £22.00 per night.

The trip up the Thames is well worth the effort, we cruise at 6 Knts so we have to use the tides, the ebb can run at 4Knts+ we were down to 2 knts once, going against the ebb at Tilbury, so we picked up a mooring buoy at Thurrock Yacht Cub and waited for the flood to start.

Have a good Trip,


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Not much to add about Shotley except to say I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, one of if not the friendliest and well served for all facilities, as Perry says, give us a call if and when you are arriving if you fancy a pint and a bit of face to face local knowledge, many of the guys regularly do the trip up Old Father. I would also ech Paul’s comments about St. Kat’s, it is an awful place and Limehouse is streets ahead.

Just make sure you avoid the beer festival weekend in Shotley or you'll never want to leave. :naughty:

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The forum has 2 intelligence officers in Shotley so I am sure they will add info shortly


Just in case you didn't tie it all together pks1702 and Antares_9 have moved their boats off the Broads and are now both based in Shotley.

Once you start looking at the Thames itself then we also have a PoL pilot on the forum (but he is normally conning the big stuff in and out, and gets "chauffeured" when in one of the Pilot Boats). Raise any query about the Thames though and I'm sure that he will pop in with an answer.


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Hi All

Thank you all for reply's and advice,perry your photo's are exerlent,I will give david and yourself a bell when we fix a date,be good to get some local info ,and the ship will need to be sampled,hope you can be around.

I think we are going to give St.kats a miss and try limehouse instead,due to the negative reply's on St.kats,

All we need now is a cracking summer,Ian our boat is a sealine, you may have seen us passing reedham,we are the one's with red covers,


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Last t ime we had a boat back late eightys ,I think we were the only sealine on the broards,don't remember any others but never got much use out of her as brought her about december 1986,first child came along august 1986,boat was first 305 sealine generation,lets hope history doe's not repeat itself


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what do you mean envious ian!!! Just cos his is bigger than mine! have you ever known me to be jealous doh!!!! two gunstwo gunstwo guns

hmmm...looking at a T60 aura as we speak,,,,you know...just looking ok! :naughty::naughty::naughty:

and that night when the only two sealines got together....he he he... :pirate :pirate :pirate that was the "sea daddy"!


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There seems to be a lot of it about, passage planning that is, the back bar at the Shipwreck had peeps labouring over charts and most of them even managed not to spill beer on them, what a civilised way to do it. Provided not too many beers are consumed that is. :naughty:

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