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Pump outs

Guest Jonny

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Hi everyone

i dont know if anybody remembers in the good old days when hireing from Herbert Woods if you got a pump out from a blakes yard IE Hebert Woods the pump out was free now if you went in to a hoseasons yard you would get charged.

does this still happen

the question is were hireing Diamond gem from Richo.s if we got a pump out from richo's or another hoseasons yard would it be free of charge like the good old days of have they scraped that.

Jonny ice sliceice slice

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Hi Jonny, the only time we`ve EVER had free pump outs is from the boats home yard. I was under the impression wherever you get a pumpout, you will have to pay for it. Having said that, i remember years and years ago, we WERE told if we got done at another Hoseasons yard, it would be free, but when we had it done, we were told we had to pay for it, which we did. Possibly somebody pocketing the fee?. Regards..............Neil.

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I thought i would ask as i did remember we use to get free pump out while hireing with Herbert woods & blakes yards & wounderd if that still was the case & if hoseasons did this?

Jonny ice sliceice slice

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HI Jonny,

I didnt answer as things may have changed but we would refund for a pump out on a two week holiday, unless it were done at one of our yards then we would just not charge.

I dont think you would have had a free pump out from a associated yard for a very long time.

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Yes, as Clive has already said...Unfortunately nowadays all yards do charge for pump-outs unless it is a home based craft on a let of more than 7 nights...and some charges we had quoted were quite excessive IMHO...(Sept 2009)

However, we were fortunate in having one of Clives boats 'Broads Serenade 2' and having covered the southern rivers during the first week of an 11 night holiday called at Horizon at Acle on the way back north and recieved a first class service and 'FOC'...Very obliging chaps too... cheersbar

Terry :Stinky

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