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Just posted the question as to why you wouldn't buy even a £5k car without windscreen demisters or a heater for that matter so why is it that makers of £200k boats are still today not including these essentials.

My inside helm is useless in anything but perfect conditions as it just mists up, I have tried one of the plug in demisters but that was pretty ineffective so what is the best way of demisting a screen?

is there anything that can be applied to the glass to stop it misting up that you can still see through?

Would a car heater matrix be effective given the distance that the water would have to travel from the engine?


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Thats a good question Ian. We hada some misting issues at new year which resulted in us deciding to muy a long handled mop :? . Hardly ideal, but better than nothing.

Motorcycle shops do sell anti-misting solution for use on the inside of helmet visors, which works by breaking down the surface tension of the water to stop miniscule droplets forming. These work fine for a little while, but then you end up looking through a big puddle instead.

I was thinking of these small 12v screen heaters you sometimes see fitted to boats. Do they not work then?

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Sports cruisers and flybridge models designed for the Med rarely have such surplus kit guys. Nimbus and other Scandinavian makers do fit them as standard on some models as do Benny, Jenneau and numerous other builders of Sedan, Trawler and hardtop models. Many new boats even the upmarket ones are base model priced to attract, much like cars used to be and by the time you've added extras that you need you are into many thousands above base, it’s not hard to spend 20 to 30k from the extras list on many 30 footers even. Many buyers do not spec them when commissioning a new boat. I believe this to be a good thing as I have always chosen the things I need and delete stuff I don't want or can fit either a different type or make of extra to our personal preference. When fitted, the demister matrix tends to be close enough to the engine to work well and the 1 1/2 to 2" ducting is lead to the screen area.

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We had/have the same problem. I bought a product called 'De-Mist' I think - made by the company that makes 'Rain-X' but that didn't work.

We happened to have a hole in the dashboard from when a previous owner had fitted something in the past which needed covering, so I fitted one of those 12v demisters over the top. Haven't had a chance to see if it works as yet, I have a sneaky feeling that it won't !!

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Ian hi...

ours is frustrating too....we even have demister vents and the electric panel has a demister rocker switch but alas whoever bought the boat in the first place didnt tick the "extras" box. A retro fitting is likely to be very expensive...even though half the job has already been done!!!

So we have found a very convenient and cheap solution....

Using one adolescent teenager with a B@Q window cleaners wiper blade seems to work a treat! :naughty:

leroy! :pirate :pirate :pirate

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