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Digital SLR cameras

Guest KeithC

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Hi Folks

Am looking to upgrade from a Fuji compact 4mpx to a digital slr.

Has anyone any experience of the Nikon range, in particular the D40 6mpx. I think they also do a 10mpx version. As I am retired funds are not free flowing. If not the Nikon, any other suggestions?

Your advice will be appreciated.

Thanks all.


Norfolk :wave:Stinky

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Canons :)

I Invested in a Canon 10D about 7 years ago.

Spent allot of money on the lens - a canon Ultrasonic one for faster focus.

Its the best camera i have ever owned, taking pictures Instantly ( theres no delay ) like many non slr cameras.

I opted for the Extra battery pack which fits on the bottom ( looks like a D1 ) so it take 2 batteries.

Its only 6 megapixels, but its the quality that counts at the end of the day.

Theres other variations, i think the latest one is the 40D ?

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I was looking at a Nikon a few months ago as I had always had Canon film SLRs, and thought it was time for a change. When I went to the shop and tried them out I ended up with a Canon D400 and I am very impressed. Shutter lag was a problem with my old digital compact but there is no problem now with the Canon.

When you do buy, haggle it works!

Ian :Sailing:cry (end of season)

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This is quite an in depth resource I often use.


Have a look at the subjects in the bar up the side, masses of information reviews opinions.

I have been a Canon user since the days of film and due to having Canon SLR Lenses have stayed with them with as Brian a 4 year old 10D. Great product but not something you can't put in your pocket (not with the motor drive anyway). Keep thinking about upgrading it but the quality is still good.

It is not just the camera but the lens's of an SLR that make the difference. You can have the best SLR in the world but poor lenses =- poor result. Quality in quality out is the key.

I find in addition I use a good quality 'point & squirt' for everyday snaps and that seems to get increasing use for everyday.

As ever it depends on the end use.

No substitute for SLR flexibility or quality if you want the very best results.

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Hi Perry

Thank you very much for your help and info. I will print the pages off for easier reference.

It still seems that you all prefer Cannon.



Norfolk cheersbar:)

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Yes definitely spend money on a decent lens if buying a dSLR. Generally the kit lenses these ship with are cheap and designed only to help people new to the world of SLR photography get a foot in the door. Once you've got the hang over the camera get a "proper" lens and unleash the real power of your SLR.

In terms of new lenses, if it doesn't cost more than £250 it's probably not worth buying unless it has zoom capabilities far beyond that which you otherwise own. And if it does have a decent zoom it'll probably cost more than that anyway. That said, Ebay is your friend. Many of the modern lenses you might buy at Warehouse Express or Pixmania are simply repackaged versions of older lenses anyway. Mr Ebay just provided me with a nice new 50mm F2.8 MACRO and a new 100-300mm APO lens for approx £150 a piece and I love them already. Mr Sparrow (pictured below) was taken with the new APO lens at 300mm. It's a big step up from anything I had previously.

I see Ian mentioned he has bought an EOS400D. Nice bit of kit - and a lot of camera for the money. I've got one I use for work and it's a joy to use. My only complaint would be that the hand grips are a bit fiddly for those used to SLR shooting and the kit lens has a poor reputation. My advice to Ian, and anyone with an EOS400D is much as above - get used to the camera and what it does well (which is most things) and once you have, lose the kit lens.

As a Konica Minolta user I have got my green eyes focussed firmly on the new Sony A700 as the mount will fit my lens collection but at present it is still around £1k body only and the price will need to come down a little before I get seriously tempted. Doesn't stop me checking it out on Warehouse Express almost daily though! :roll:

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i love wildlife excellent pics Simon

thank god autumn watch is on can't wait till springwatch nightshift is back on i love the owls trying to pounce on each other and fighting. the badgers trying to learn how to fall out of trees with some dignity.

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Hi Simon

Thanks for your reply and advice. Being retired, at the end of the day, it comes down to cost . The cannon still seems favourite on here.

Thanks again.


Norfolk cheersbar

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I understand that - hence my previous post. The EOS400D is the cheapest of Canon's current range and would be an excellent choice but be aware the kit lens is limited and you will need to move on from that to get the best results - but it's a good place to start. And like I said, if price is an issue then Ebay is an excellent place to get high quality lenses at much lower prices.

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Hi Keith

If you can go for a Canon then go for the 400D As has been said here, it is a good price, but if you are looking for good lens then try to purchase the "L" type canon lens.

Have a look at http://www.lordofsealand.co.uk all pictures have been taken with Canon equipment.

Also as you live in Norfolk if you can get to Thurne, The Lion pub (see the other thread ) then you will be able to see some photographs taken with Canon equipment.

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Hi Keith,

I bought all my Canon stuff off Mr. Ebay too. All of it second hand, purely for the fact I couldn't afford new for the most part.

My advice would be to buy a body and then decide what type of lens or lenses you would most use.

When I say all of it was second hand that's not strictly true, because I bought lenses from different people and was lucky enough to find 3 brand new ones, a 17-85mm Zoom Image Stabilizer , a 60mm Prime Macro lens which is superb and my 70-300mm Tele-Zoom with Image Stabilizer which I bought from an Ebayer in Canada. All are Canon. I saved many hundreds of pounds by buying my stuff that way and I'm more than pleased with it all.They are not the best thing around and certainly not up to Lord Paul's equipment standard but they do me ok, as I only take snapshots anyway.

If you haven't bought anything yet, take your time as I did and I'm sure you will get exactly what you are looking for from Mr.Ebay.

Hope that helps.

Kind Regards


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