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In The 1930s ....


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In the 1930s ....

You may have travelled to the Broads in one of these ...post-500-136713653604_thumb.jpg

The boatyard might have looked like this ...post-500-136713653618_thumb.jpg

You could have hired one of these ...post-500-136713653627_thumb.jpg

Or one of these ..post-500-136713653638_thumb.jpg

You might have popped to Mr Simpsons store at Stokesby for provisions ...post-500-136713653886_thumb.jpg

Or maybe even the branch of Roys in Horning ...post-500-136713653894_thumb.jpg

And then topped up with fresh water at the pump on Horning Green ...post-500-1367136539_thumb.jpg

I'll post some more of these later if anyone is interested?


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Dan Horner!! :o

The Herbert Woods "Light" cruisers were the height of modernity in the late 20s and early 1930s. Low wash hulls, the Morris marine engine, fresh water taps in the galley and WC, sprung "somnus" matresses on the roomy berths ... the galley was fitted with n enamel sink and the latest Valor double burner parrafin stove ... hand pump toilet drawing river water in the heads. Mrs Woods made sure that the interiors were luxurious , selecting all the materials and apparently even making the curtains herself. The cruisers were all equipped with the blue and white willow patterened "Yuan" ware and good quality cutlery and there was plenty of wardrobe and storage space on board.

Aaahhh ... what more could you want? Oh for a time machine !! ;)

The rivers would have been pretty busy in the early 1930s although the season was a little shorter. There was a massive boom in Broads boating holidays during the 20s and early 30s for those that could afford it ..... it all came to a halt with the outbreak of WW2. Boatyards were still building yachts, but had also begun to build numerous motor cruisers ... Herbert Woods had quite a large fleet by 1933 and was almost churning them out on a production line! Blakes catalogue from 1933 lists over 275 cabin yachts and over 250 motor cruisers for hire ... plus 14 wherries, wherry yachts and motor wherries. There were many other yards and businesses who were hiring out a variety of boats independantly too.

Braods Haven was in it's infancy in 1932 .... work had begun digging out the huge basins by hand in 1929 ... the large sheds and workshops were erected and there was even a garage for customers cars. The full story of Herbert Woods can be found in the book written by his daughter Jennifer Woods - "Herbert Woods - A Famous Broadland Pioneer".

These images are actually stills taken from cine film. Sadly, I don't know anything about the family featured but they took two Broadland holidays with Herbert Woods - the first in 1932 aboard Spark Of Light and the following year they hired Countess Of Light. They must have been fairly well off as the Morris Major car would have been practically brand new in 1932. The only clue I have is that the registration number of the car was UG 199 .... the UG prefix was apparently issued in the Leeds area.


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In the 1930s ....

Boating fashions were a little different ...post-500-136713654173_thumb.jpg

Afternoon tea was a formal affair ...post-500-136713654186_thumb.jpg

There were still quite a few working mills with sails that turned!post-500-136713654197_thumb.jpgpost-500-136713654205_thumb.jpg

You might have encountered one of these .... post-500-136713654459_thumb.jpg

Or hired one of these to bomb around Oulton Broad with ....post-500-13671365447_thumb.jpg

I'll post some more tomorrow if I get the chance!


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Hi Barry .... of course, please do post any 30s pics you have on here.

Clive ... that's very interesting to know that it may be one of your dads old launches. There is quite a long sequence in the film of various launches bombing around Oulton Broad (they certainly weren't low wash!! :o ) so I will see if I can grab some more stills of them. It would be good to finally know who all those chaps in the Porter & Haylett pic are ..... I think I look a bit different to how I did in 1983 too! :cry

Back to the 1930s .....

You would have seen some very familiar looking bridges ... with unfamiliar surroundings ....post-500-13671365449_thumb.jpgpost-500-136713654527_thumb.jpg

Another familiar bridge ....post-500-136713654786_thumb.jpg

And some bridges which no longer exist!post-500-136713654794_thumb.jpgpost-500-1367136548_thumb.jpg

And Breydon had a magnificent rail viaduct crossing it with a swinging section to allow river traffic to pass... post-500-136713654809_thumb.jpgpost-500-136713654815_thumb.jpg

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Passenger cruisers looked rather different ...post-500-136713655061_thumb.jpg

You might have encountered some very large boats on Breydon as they headed to and from the Port of Norwich!post-500-136713655071_thumb.jpg

But some things haven't chamged ..post-500-136713655078_thumb.jpg

A holiday wouldn't have been complete without a trip to Oulton Broadpost-500-13671365509_thumb.jpg

And maybe a walk along the seafront at Lowestoft ...post-500-136713655084_thumb.jpg

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My parents took a holiday in 1938 on one of Chimley & Hawke's house boats called Mermaid. I don't know who this is but he was with them on this holiday. For those who don't know C&H were well respected yacht builders in Horning on the site where the ca nopy maker and boat sales are, the odd chalets were built on the actual boat shed site. He was obviously well equiped judging by what look like the old Tolly Cobold bottles.


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