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Additional craft at Barnes Brinkcraft


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Hello Everyone

I was pleased to see Barnes Brinkcraft have added to their fleet with some nice looking 2/3 & 2/4 berth craft bought from France & Ireland.

Five 29ft 2/3 berth "Brinks Duet", built by Brooms in the mid 90's http://www.barnesbrinkcraft.co.uk/our-boats/detail/39/

Two 29ft 2/4 berth dual steer from the early 90s on an Alpha mould http://www.barnesbrinkcraft.co.uk/our-boats/detail/38/

All the best


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Hi John

Yeah... I think a lot of them they've sold are probably just on a natural, oldest in fleet retirement programme type thing.

Ireland is down a lot I think the last 18 months or so, and with less people leaving the UK for foreign holidays due to increased expense and recession I suppose French boating holidays may also be hit, but whether the same thing is happening in other countries too (less people venturing abroad) I don't know.

Le Boat brought about twenty or more of the 29ft Sedan's back from Ireland last year to Horning, and some others of that class were sent off to France, so it is a big scale down of this class from Ireland, but I would imagine that realistically they must have had far too many of these for some time even in busier times. I guess these are a fair bit newer than their other retirements because on that class alone they must have too many. I like them a lot, so I too am glad to see more of them heading for Norfolk!

Piccie attached of one in Ireland in 2007!



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I think one of Le Boats problems is they`re charging way way too much for their boats. Look at their pricing compared to other yards, and you`ll see it looks like they`re pricing themselves out of the market. Look at how much a conniseur costs compared to a similar sized Alpha or the like from any other yard. I don`t think i`l be booking with Le boat. Regards to all.................Neil.

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I agree Neil, although I think the ex Connoisseurs (the Admirals & Emperors) are actualy less wrong than some of the others.

If you look at the Tamaris, Cirrus, Caprice etc things really get expensive if doing comparisons.

I think Le Boat's client base is a bit more international than some competitors, and the euro to £ conversion may make them better value than to a UK resident, this is true of other companies too though of course, so they're still expensive & out of proportion on this basis too.

I use them when we go boating abroad, as they seem the most appealing given the choice there, but in the UK although I like them they are just overpriced in my opinion....


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