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Engine cleaning...

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Well, as you saw, my engine bay is in a bit of a state with dirt and grease etc. The mechanic did a good job giving it a bit of a clean, but I want to do it properly.

A friend said that 'Gunk' is a good cleaner for getting all the black bits off, is there anything better that you use ? I've just bought a 'Charles' wet and dry vac, so hoovering up the residue will be no problem.

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Gunk is a Solvent Emulsion Degreaser (SED), which is very good at cleaning up engines etc.

The beauty of SED is that it washes of with water as its water soluble, taking the oil and grease with it. If this can then be captured in the bottom of the engine bay, and then sucked/pumped out, its an effective cleaning solution.

Another option is good old fashioned paraffin, although you'd have to wipe down with dry rags afterwards.

Best of all for engine cleaning, is a steam a cleaner.

Whatver you use, be sure to cover up electrics with plastic bags etc, to prevent fluid ingress causing damage.


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Gunk is great stuff Luke as is Jiser, a very similar product. One way to get good accurate coverage in places like an engine bay is to use one of those little pump up garden sprays with a wand, you can also use it to spray it off with water in a more controlled manner than a hose or pressure washer.

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mbird wrote:It won't apply in a boat, but don't use Gunk on a tarmac driveway. When I was a teenager, I gunked my motorbike engine, and the stuff I washed off the engine dissolved the drive :o

'Snap' Mark

I done the same thing when living at home with my parents, not only dissolved the drive, walked it through the house onto their new carpets as well. :o I wasn't the most popular son at that time for sure. Hey-ho! we live and learn.

Luke, I always tend to use Jizer, I don't know why, I think it must be the colour. :lol:


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Luke, I always tend to use Jizer, I don't know why, I think it must be the colour. :lol:cheersbar

It is a nice colour isn’t it Col, not a lot different from the similarly named but entirely different substance Tizer so careful not to mix them up. :oops:

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You made a good job of that Luke, very impressive :clap

It could be a nice 'little earner' for you, going around cleaning forum members engines ;)


That just ain't going to happen Dave !!! lol !!!

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