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Back To The 50`s

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Spent the weekend back in the 1950`s at a Rock and Roll weekender at Hemsby. Live groups from lunchtime till the early hours, staying in a chalet, even a jive or two..... I have been following rockabilly and the like since my youth, but have to say looking at the then and now pictures I think my head is now on upside down.... Still a great weekend and recommended to anyone who like the R n R scene.

Stuart 013.jpg



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Can't beat a bit of rockabilly.

stray cat strut...... my fave of all time.....

you might have aged a little but in the second pic, you are relaxed and laid back.......:default_coat:


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Yes that was the copious quantities of alcohol, again a theme in the pictures!!!!!!! I guess you get to a certain stage of life when the teenage angst has gone, I may be 18 inside but the mind is willing but the body has gone. lol :55c8f94983015_default_happyparty:

Didn't do many of the "after" parties this year, needed my sleep......

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Rockabilly. I read something about this in GruntFuttocks Tales of Olde Norfolke.

"In Ooctoober men f thur Broads, all gather by thur beach. There ois much frolicking and ribaldry to thur deen f tree chords and thur walloping f a tea chest. About bull's nune an owl' billy goo' ois brung forth and two bricks ois produced."   

It's no wonder Stuart has his legs crossed in that last picture! :default_norty:  

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Okay, before I go on any further, I want you all to know that I have tried so, so hard to be dignified, to have some self control and will power whilst looking at Stuart's photos but find that I have failed miserably

Phwhooooar :default_icon_luvlove:

Grace :default_norty:

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