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My shiny modification!

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Hi All

With the stainless steel arch which carries out nav lights and horns atop the radar arch in place, we have an air draft of 10'-2". I had the big idea of trying to get the thing hinged to gain a bit of clearance, and took my sketch design to F W Hall and Sons in Norwich.

A couple of weeks later, here is the result!



By doing this we have saved over 12" of head room, which should help make those passages through Yarmouth a little less restrictive :grin: I reckon they did a nice job, considering even the hinge itself was fabricated from scratch!

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Oooh, nice Mark. Yes, with 9'2" you'll have a lot more choice of tides to get through Yarmouth. Blue Macaw has 9'6", and although I had to check the clearances carefully with tide tables to plan a passage it wasn't that bad - although I had a few hair-raising moments :o:o


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That is a nice shiny bit Mark, might rattle a bit at speed with that R pin istead of a wingnut & stud though. :naughty:

I'm sure it wont be the only thing rattling David, remember Mark has just installed the heating system. :naughty:

I'll get my coat!!

All joke aside, looks good Mark, so we will see you again up on the northern rivers. :grin:

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Well after fitting the modified light arch earlier this week, I finally got to measure the height difference now she is back in the water.


With it "up" our air draft is 10'2"


With is "down" we are only 8'10"

How's that for improved bridge clearance! :dance

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8'2 is very impressive Mark, it is 4" lower than my 255, will give you the Ant as well.

Erm, 8'10" not 8'2" (is someone fibbing to you how big 8" is Ian :naughty: )

Anyway, I think the Ant would only be an option if Clive promised to keep all his boats in harbour for a few days :lol:

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I am seriously going to have to learn to read :grin: 8'10 is still impressive though Should get you through Yarmouth with ease.

Was thinking of doing Clannys but at best will get 10'2 but fear that it could leave me stuck the wrong side of the bridges, or in my dads hands part of Clanny the wrong side of the bridges :o

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