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Lightroom 3 Beta anyone?


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Not sure how this fits in with the lakesailoring protocols ...

I've been using v 3 in beta since October, and will definitely upgrade to the full version when its released. The RAW processing quality is even better than before, and I think many pro photographers who still use Phase One Capture One for RAW conversions will move across when they see the quality of LR3 (coupled with all the other features of course).


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Not sure how this fits in with the lakesailoring protocols ...

As Perry has posted a different link, then technically I suppose it's not really a lakesailor. However, I would suggest he takes 100 lines "I must pay more attention in class!" :grin:

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Just had a quick look at this version, though my feet have always been in the phase one camp, and I have to say that LR3 has some pretty impressive features. I still cant get my head around their cataloging though, and it was mainly this that put me off last time. Phase one Capture 4 and 5 are a lot simpler in this respect.

LR3 is a much faster tool in terms of importing into its own catalogue (kinda useful if I shoot 1000 images at a wedding!!). What impressed me most was the tethered shooting facility which is an absolute godsend when doing any work in the studio.

Gonna play with it a bit more and see if I can break it :naughty::naughty::naughty:

adam... :pirate

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A big improvement for my particular needs. :)

It now thumbnails mpegs and videos, like Bridge already did.

I think I can now move over to just LR3 from my combination of apps. (Portfolio, Bridge, and LR2)

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A new Lightroom beta has just been released - Lightroom 3 Beta 2. For new features see this video on the Adobe site:


It seems a very good set of further improvements. Indications are that the full release will arrive around June.

Adam, once you get your head around the way the Lightroom importing and cataloguing works, you'll see how clunky Capture One is in comparison - I've just converted a pro landscaper by giving him a few demos, and he couldn't believe how much easier the whole thing is than using C1/Photoshop for everything. I know it's largely a question of familiarity with your tools, and changing is a very sensitive issue when you have a well established workflow that works for you, especially in your wedding line. There are some really good videos on the Adobe website, and I'd encourage you to watch some of these - try http://tv.adobe.com/show/learn-lightroom-20/.


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