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Richo's - Know How To Charge!

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We have the Blessed Authority:-

The 2017 toll increase was a zillion percent, well it was for most of us private motor craft owners.  The forecast for the 2018 toll rise is 'Only' 3 percent but 3 percent on top of the 2017 rise is still substantial, but the Blessed Authority knows that don't they?  I think they hope we are supposed to be grateful for the forthcoming rise being 'Only' 3 percent :default_2gunsfiring_v1:

Then we have Richo's or Richardson's to be precise. As many of you know we keep 'B.A' in their wet shed.  They run a large empire and need to make a profit to reinvest, keep their employees in jobs etc.  They also need to keep their many customers happy too.  The wet shed berthing fees for 2016 rose by 0:8%  This year we have just renewed our berth, yes the prices have gone up, this time by 0:85% :default_icon_clap:

Richo's can manage their empire with a below inflation increase, without any grants from central government too.  I suggest the Blessed Authority talk to Clive / Paul / Richo's and learn how to do it!

Many of us are real quick to complain when service is not up to standard, or expectations are not met.  We are not so quick to commend and say thanks though when service is exemplary.

Credit where credit is due.  Well done Richo's and Thanks :default_icon_bowdown:     :default_beerchug:


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Mind you I'll bet Richardson's don't have the massive annual legal bill that BA have for all the appeals etc + the cost of loosing too which they are excellent at these days , someone has to pay for it all sadly that falls to tolls to pick up the batten as it were , shame they can't see the woods for the trees and stop over spending  on stupid things especially the BN park thing , incidentally has tourism gone up since that dumb idea was introduced ?? Some how I doubt its made any difference what so ever .

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