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"Shake down" trip over Breydon

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A short "boys only" break this weekend saw Col (Happy Jax II) and I leave Brundall at about 5:00pm yesterday afternoon for a trip down to Reedham for an overnighter. A few beers (well, rather a lot actually), some grub, a very late night, and a full english at the Cupcakes cafe saw us heading for Breydon in the sunshine this morning at about 11:00.

Once on Breydon we gave Serenity a good thrashing up and down several times trying to get the speed log calibrated about right, and she performed with no problems at all! :dance

The horrible list to starboard that happened when we got onto the plane at new years has gone (probably the combination of prop damage and incorrect readings from the trim tab head unit, I suspect), trim tabs are working fine, and the engines run sweeeeeet! I was also very surprised at how much difference trimming the legs correctly made. Moving them from -1 to +2 instantly gave a speed boost that was very noticable.

At full throttle (4000 rpm) we topped over 30 kts (SOG) against the tide, but a good cruise speed of 27 kts at 3700 seemed very comfortable.

After several runs (about 15 miles in total) I am very happy with the way she performed, and a little less nervous of her now. Col enjoyed taking her up on the plane too, as indicated by a grin the cheshire cat would have been proud of. Hopefully he'll post up a couple of "wake shots" later (unless he's catching up on beauty sleep already :naughty:

The only downer on the trip was my hamfisted maneuver leaving the Brooms filling quay, which saw a sudden gust of wind and my resulting panic, bumping another boat. The other boat was completely unmarked (thankfully) but Serenity suffed a 5 inch scratch in the gelcoat above the rubbing trip :( . I'm afraid my lack of experience with this boat showed itself rather badly.

All in all though, a great weekend in good company, and I can't wait for next weekend now :wave


ps Leroy, I shall not take the p**s out of you running onto the mud ever again. Nuff said, say no more, must concentrate harder. Phew got away with that one :oops:

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yo mark...nuff respec!! :pirate

It was a shame we couldnt join you today but had to do a wedding show...doh...!!!

We had a more working weekend taking the boat from Burgh castle to St Olaves at a more leisurely speed!

Was quite windy but a perfect exit from Goodchilds but a naff entry into St Olaves...

Wind was naughty and it took three attempts to get into a berth that is twice as wide as Goodchilds.

Although we didnt hit anything, I was equally embarrassed...

Even my girlie button bow thruster wasnt enough to take on a side on wind!!

Well Done you!

Looking forward to next weekend!!

lb :naughty:

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Thanks for a great weekend Mark, but you are a bad influence on me mate, leading me astray on the ale yet again. :naughty: Good effort though, 3am and passing out listening to Pink Floyd's The Wall. :grin:

Cheshire cat hey!, lets look at the piccies and rethink that one. :lol:

Serenity certainly performed well, it's great when a plan comes together. :party:

I wont say anything about the posts on Breydon if you don't. ;):lol:

Can't wait until next weekend now.

Now the piccies.









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Hi Mark

Great to hear you had a good run before next weekend. I imagine that will help Sharon's confidence. Serenity is looking very shiny and loved.

The magnetic pull of the Breydon posts is amazing ;) . Look forward to hearing all about it over a drinkie at the weekend.


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HI Mark

looks like you both had a weekend

the question you should be asking your self Mark was she worth selling tranquil breeze if the answer is yes then its the best outcome you could of asked for when switching to a sea goer i cant wait to see the sealine when about cheersbarcheersbar

Jonny ice sliceice slice

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Ooooo yes Jonny! :grin:

At my time of life it was either a sports car or fast boat :naughty:

dont let the misses hear you say that she will wounder whats next on the list :naughty::lol::lol:

Jonny ice sliceice slice

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Sports car, or fast boat?. Now..........................just exactly how many speed cameras are there on Breydon or in the North sea? :party::party::party: . Regards...................Neil.

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