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Too Early?? Christmas?


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This year we're thinking of spending Christmas afloat, save for the fact we may actually have a white Christmas and the water freezes :( Has anyone got any tips, stories, advice, don't do's? We're intending on going up to Neatishead, Dad following on in Laureen, cheeky pint at lunch at The White Horse then food and frolics aboard after.

Is anyone else thinking of being aboard? In the area? Are we certifiable?

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7 minutes ago, Polly said:

Hmmmm, ice and wood? Are you leaving her in a mooring that could freeze, most mad woodies afloat are safely in a wet shed?

BTW 'wood' was another word for 'mad' in Shakespeare's Day, ...just sayin' :default_blink:

I think we are planning on it being tropical.... in all seriousness she's moored at the wet shed in Stalham and I guess if it's freezing will remain there :( anyone else take their woodies out over winter - especially Christmas?

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Ahh well the definition of madhouse is based on that wet shed, all barking bonkers in my experience. :default_biggrin::default_coat:

Seriously, we thought long and hard about what was best to do with Brilliant when we bought her. In the end we went with doing as Hunters Fleet do, and she winters ashore. The upside is we know she is off the water for the worst of the weather, and the downside is that we are unable to enjoy her out of season.

If she wasn't a saily, we'd join the wet shed gang like a shot, but the mast would spend too much time lowered with weights on the end to be good for it....so no go.

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With our much milder winters you are normally safe through to the new year. We have two woodies that will be afloat through to the new year only coming out in January. 

Remember ice forms much easier on the northern extremities of the broads due to the reduced tidal water movement.

Having said all that, I suspect that many on here will be quite envious of your Christmas plans and would do the same given the chance. I know I would... 

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.........I'm guessing you're moored at Stalham? If so, unfortunately it is one of the first to freeze if the temperature does drop suddenly. Keep an eye on the forecast. The main rivers are usually fine. As has been said ice is a no no for any boat. 

The only really cold year in December was 2010 otherwise it's been remarkably mild. I still think it's well worth a go. 

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1 hour ago, Vaughan said:

The dangerous ice is the thin stuff, less than a quarter inch thick. No problem to drive through it but after a mile or two, it will go into the stem of a wooden boat like a cross-cut saw. It will also go through gel-coat.

Have a nice day!        :default_stinky:


And that's exactly why the early ice breaker's on the canals had tin plates on the bows to protect them . :default_beerchug:

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