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Chart plotters

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After this weekends jolly jaunt, it became apparent that I am going to need to purchase a plotter, as the laptop route didn't really work for me. My preferance at the moments seems to be towards either the Standard Horizon CP180i or CP300i. I notice these will take the C-MAP NT+ or C-MAP Max cards.

My question, is what is the difference? Also, I have noticed the cards are available with various coverage areas. The "wide" cards seem to cover a much greater area, but for now I would have thought the "local" one from Wells to Dover would do me. Is the only difference the amount of charts on the cards, or do the "wide" ones not have the same level of detail as the "local" variety?

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Most charts tend to carry the same level of detail as a paper chart for standard navigation, some charts are available with a fishing slant or a more sophisticated 3D bottom with photo's for pilotage but they are only accessable by quite sophisticated plotters. The Wells to Dover will give you all you need to navigate. :grin:

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Hi Mark, I can't answer your questions about the different charts, but if I was to replace my chart plotter I would definetly go for the larger screen if budget allowed.

Absolutely agree with that Luke, I have a 5" which is almost unusable at some zoom levels and a 12" which is great, I would think an 8" would be minimum to be really usable, especially if you have any split screen functions.

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I would agree 8" is about as small as I would want but you the 7 might just do if it is mounted very close to the helm.

Our chart plotter size was limited to the size of plotter we can fit into the helm cluster, I really wanted it built in rather than on a bracket due to the helm shape.

At 8" in front of you it is very usable but if it were positioned on the Navigators side it would not be easy to read particularly in split screen mode.

As has been said get the largest screen you can afford.




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mark hi,

we have the Cmap NT and there is more than enough detail and our card covers from dover to past cromer. However, the plotter on "bling" is a complete waste of time (as we found out over the weekend) Its a navman 5600 and is so small that its almost unusable. The screen is so cluttered that even using it alongside a conventional chart is difficult. Infact, the navigation system we used when we went salt side was YOU and the rest of the guys!!!! two guns:naughty:two guns

Jupiter mist , however, had the raymarine c80 (as pictured earlier on this post, and I can thoroughly recommend it).

adam... :pirate :pirate :pirate

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Well, plunge was taken today and I've ordered a Standard Horizon CP300i plotter with C-Max local cartography and PC planner software. OUCH!

At least last weekend proved SWMBO isn't going to lose her breakfast for at least the first half hour of any voyage, so it should be a worthwhile investment :lol:

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The Standard Horizon always get rave reviews in the budget end of the market, we have the 180i and find it ok for what we do, it is 5" but IMHO dramatically better in detail and display than the Lowrance or Navman of the same size.

Would imagine the 300 to be as good but bigger and when it comes to plotters bigger is nearly always better.

Wayne, when you are looking for deals factor in the card as your local card will be about £80 but you can usually find someone doing a special offer including a card.

The i means it has a built in GPS antenna, the advantage being you don't have to route it through the boat and you can usually use it inside as long as you mount it so it has a clear view through the glass, the down side is you can't flush mount it.

If you go for the model without the internal antenna make sure the external is included with the kit as they can be pricey on their own.

Don't be fooled by the radar and fish finder options, the black box for the fishfinder is more than a stand alone unit and the Radar will only work with one make of scanner (think it is Sitex).

If you are looking for an integrated all in one system you are probably better looking at Raymarine or similar.

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Hi Mark

Where did you find the best deal - Robert and I were discussing just these over a beer :grin:



Hi Wayne

We have ordered ours from Yachtbits.com. Their prices are cheaper than most but not quite the cheapest, but as they are based in Lowestoft (under the name K M Electronics) I was able to actually see one working before I commited. I don't think there is anyone else in this region who supplies Standard Horizon kit. It's the same place I ordered my depth sounder system from a few weeks back.

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