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After Easter and alls well

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Well the Easter foray has been done, well done to all who took part and especially for those who organized the event. It is not easy to do and much hard work and responsibility is required. I watched most of you go through Lake Lothing on Saturday and even followed you down, we had a bit of a jolly in a RIB and watched you all go out throgh the piers when we were at the twin bouys. Twas a bit bumpy by the Ness point as it always is when the tide gets away.

I saw somwhere that one or two of you would be interested in a life boat visit. Our club is visiting Lowestoft LB station next Friday week and there will probably be space for a few more bodies, I should think that maybe 6 people could go. There will be a tour of the station as well as the Spirit Of Lowestoft, afterwards at the Lowestoft haven Marina Cruising Club for drinky Poos.

If there is enough interest, I could arrange for a visit to Gorleston LB station at a later date, this was my old station and I did 23 years there as a crew member.


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Morning Rod,

Bert has now retired and John F is now the coxwain. Yes I know Griefy right well he is still a shore helper at Gorleston. Dont see Dave Mason too much but he is a Deputy Launching Authority at Gorleston as I am at Lowestoft along with John Catchpole. Small world.I remember the Cumbria Service and will pass on your regards when I see Griefy again.

The Toilet Social club is no more alas, had some good times in there!!!!


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Hi Paul !

When we came through Mutford Lock, we were one of the first so moored up to wait for the others on the pontoon in front of you. I didn't know how long we were going to be there so didn't walk round (its a long walk ! lol !) but we did wave franticly at you several times but it looked like you were doing some work on your chart table (?) as you had your head down.

You should of come and said hello when you were on the rib - we saw it, but didn't know it was you on there !

Claire and I would love to have a walk round the LB station at Lowestoft, and it would be good to meet you guys too !

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Morning Luke,

You and Claire are on the list, details to follow.

Sorry I didnt see you over the holiday I suppose I was expecting to see W Woo!!!

I am in the middle of doing chart updates so I guess thats why I had my head down. Be in touch.


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