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VHF 1 way

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Hey all.

Having a bit of a mare with the VHF. Allday friday i thought it was quiet, But got through to Yarmouth to go out and again got through to come in,. Then quiet. Got to Somerleyton and its working again. Going home Saturday nothing. I called up Somerleyton 3 times and nothing. I then got a text from my mate who was on duty telling me to turn my volume up. (it was up) I rang him and he said i was coming through as clear as anything and Reedham could hear me too as i was still OBN side of the bridge i thought that was quite good. But i could near nothing. So im wondering if anyone has any idea what i should be looking into ? I was thinking dodgy wire or faulty unit? Its only 10 months old tho. I have no idea what im looking for so any advice would be much apreciated.


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Let's start with the basics, do you have the squelch set to a level where it just removes background noise?

If the facility to change USA - International is present is it set to Int?

Do you have an external speaker?

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Hi David.

Its a Lowrance LVR-250

Squelch is set that if i turn it any more left it makes a hell of a noise, That was how i was told to set it.

I dont believe its set to any other mode other than the INT facility, Will re-set it back to factory settings just to check..

The only speaker i believe is internal/

http://www.lowrance.com/Products/Marine ... s/LVR-250/

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Well if i'm reading this manual right i think its got the capability for a external speaker. I've not got one set up. Sorry for the spam. No button to delete posts.

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Reading the other post made by Luke i see that there is a big difference in the High / Low setting.?? I believe mine is set to High but if memory serves i did try it on low too but to no avail.

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