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Easter 4th to 10th April 2010

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Well what a great start to my holiday tale, I got the date wrong.

Saturday 3rd April 2010

Left good old Donny at 7:15am, with the plan to arrive at Potter for a quick trip round Lathams, and a coffee and bacon butty at the cafe there.

The plan worked a treat, arrived Potter 10:35, in to Lathams to get some deck shoes as I had not packed my trainers, and across to the cafe for coffee and a bit of breaky.

Now, the boat was not due to be ready until 13:00 (as per the letter that arrived three days before our hols) so the plan was to go to the yard, book in, and while my lad and I waited at the yard, the women will go and get the last essential supplies from Tesco's.

We arrived at the yard at 11:30, I walked into reception to let them know we had arrived, to be told, the boat was ready. :dance

So, the three ladies go to Tesco, me and my lad go to the boat for the familiarisation stuff.

We were shown everything, and I asked a few questions, when the question came "Have you been on a boat before?" I had my Richardsons loyalty card still in my hand, so opened it up and said "a few times from here"

That was that, we were now twiddling our thumbs, waiting for the ladies to get back from getting the supplies.

It seemed to take an age for them to arrive, but when they did the car was unloaded, everyone on board and off we set.

Just before we got to Barton Broad, someone shouted out " Hi Geoff" it was Clive Rico, in a Le Boat boat on his way back to the yard, a quick wave and he had gone by.

The plan was to moore at Ludham bridge, have dinner in The Dog.

I love it when a plan comes together, moored at Ludham Bridge 15:30 ish.

The kids wanted a shower (novelty on a boat again) so while nanan looked after them myself and OH took a stroll to The Dog to see the menu and if we needed to book a table.

Back to the boat to get the now sparkling clean kids (must remember to fill with water in the morning) and then to The Dog for tea.

Liver and bacon, blerdy marvelous.

A nice journey down, boat ready 2 hours earlier than expected, a nice meal, and in bed by 21:00


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I will let you off then Geoff with such a nice start to your tale ;) . However, not sure you deserve it having stitched me up so royally on the quiz two gunstwo guns

Mutiny is declared :pirate :pirate :pirate

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Sunday 4th April

Awake at 6:15, a quick coffee and I am raring to go, next stop Wroxham.

OH reminds me about all the water used last night, so I decide to rein myself back and take in the bracing morning air (through the window). Decided it was time to get the camera out.....


A misty cold morning, but so quiet.


The river was so still.


not even 7:00 yet, and I am loving it



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I noticed that a space had appeared at the water hose, so we left our moorings and went to fill up.

When all secured I went to the water hose, put £1.75 into the box (all the change I had) and pulled the hose to the water cap.

If it was not before 09:00 and a Sunday, the air would have been blue, the blerdy cap would not move. I tried to twist it, got a cloth around it, but to no avail. Off to the shop to see if they sold adjustable spanners, no luck, round to the boat sales place, no one about, so back to the boat, telling the kids not to use too much water.

Through the bridge and heading for Wroxham, our dinner time stop, for the kids to go to Roys.

A quick snap of the entrance to Ranworth


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It`s good so far Geoffers, but we`re waiting for the next exciting chapter :grin::grin: . Some really good shots as well, really captures the end of winter/beginning of spring atmosphere :clap:clap . Keep it coming Guv.

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So, up to Wroxham it was....

Saw a flag coming towards us, so I looked out of the window and saw Bobella, I called out, "Is that Andy" the reply came YES so I said "It's Donny" a quick wave and we passed.

As we came into Wroxham, there was a place to moore to get water, at the boat yard, the one that has fuel, can't remember the name, but we moored on the river next to the fuel pumps and water.

I tried again to get the water cap off, but it would not move.

Now being a tight Yorkie, there was no way I would put money into a water tap box, and waste it again, so I went to see if anyone was about.

Now don't forget this is Easter Sunday, saw a mechanic walk into the building and chased him. Told him the problem and he gave me a spanner thing (note my technical knowledge)

Well, the water cap was a serated screw cap, and the spanner was a smooth thing (again technical speak).

It would not move. I looked at the little spanner he gave me and thought if it was bigger I would SMASH THE BLERDY THING OFF.

Any way, I decided to give it one more try with a cloth around the cap.

Hey presto it came off


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Now everything is still going to plan.

All watered up and ready to go...

Looked up river and saw that the mooring for the pilot was being used, so decided to go up and turn left into the boat yard where the two trip boats go from.

We moored up and as promised took the kids to Roys of Wroxham (That is actualy in Hoverton)

This is where the plan went to cock.

Easter Sunday..................Roys SHUT

OK, not a problem, lets get back on the boat and go as planned to Coltishall.

Got the phone number for the pilot, gave him a quick call and ( I knew it, but had to go through the motions)

me, so all the crew could here "Hello, whats the chance of getting under the bridge"

pilot "What height does it say on your dash board"

I thought no chance, bridge gauge 6' 6" air darft 7' 1" (give or take 2")

me " 7 foot 1"

pilot " sorry freind, no chance"

So, maybe next time.

Right lets head back Horning way


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So, after the dissapointment of not getting through Wroxham bridge, we headed back towards Horning.

We did not want to stop at Horning, because we had a mooring booked at the New Inn for Tuesday, so we decided to try Ranworth.

As we got onto Malthouse Broad I noticed it was full, so turned around and headed out, back to the Bure.

I decided to try the Lion at Thurne. What a good choice, mooring spaces, little shop for little madam to spend here money, a nice meal.

The second night on board and all contented.

Plan A went wrong, with Roys being closed, but to keep the kids happy, tomorrow, plan B.

Take them swimming.


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Monday 5th April

We woke at 6:30 to light drizzle, but as Plan B, was to involve an indoor activity we didn't mind. But by the time we set off at 7:30 it had stopped. A nice but cold cruise to Horning, (I had the canopy back despite the cold).

When we arrived in horning we moored out side the Ferry Inn (still not a nice sight, but at least it is for let now).

As you know PLAN A went wrong, PLAN B now in opperation.

Take the kids swimming at the Helska Leisure Centre


Looks like they had problems with the refurbishment and the opening has been put back a month.




So we decided to take a walk into horning, stock up on bread and milk, and have a swift one at the New Inn and Swan.

According to the sign it is only 1/4 of a mile from the Leisure centre to Horning village

It is the longest 1/4 mile in history.

the flatness of the broads


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After walking back to the Ferry Inn (I was tempted to get a taxi) we set off to Ludham, to stay at womack water for the night.


I thought It was closed season for fishing on the broads,

I told him but he took no notice and just carried on


A nice gentle cruise and we arrived at Womack water and even though it was meant to be a busy Easter, there were a few moring spaces left.

Now, as I sat watching the world go by, the boat next to me untied a little rowing boat and had fun on the water. I have now decided that next time, we are going to hire one. (I will make sure it is the fishing season though)


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The meal in the Kings Arms was supperb, my mum I, had the steak and stilton pie.

We ordered this with chips, but when it arrived it was served with new potatoes, i mentioned this and the lady serving it said no problem, I will get you an extra portion of chips. We said it didn't matter, but she insisted.

When they arrived, I thought there was no way we were going to eat them along with the spuds, so I hatched a plan.

Little girl had ribs and chips, and when she left the table to go to the little girls room, I put a handfull of chips on her plate, thinking that if she left them it would not look too bad, as she is only a little girl.

Anyway, she ate the lot and realy enjoyed the ribs as a change to the normal kids menu.

10 OUT OF 10 for The Kings Arms on food and service.


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