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hi all, just returned from a fantastic few days afloat on the broads :grin: just a big thanks to all at rickos fantastic service and vaule for money. staff on swan quay were great on departure and on our return, trail run driver (brian i think) was fantastic. had concerto 3. we had never been boating so early in the seson and really have seen a different side to the broads, it was our first trip with no kidds (all grown up) enjoyed it so much we booked our next trip for aug already. just one thing clive concerto 3 really does need a coat of paint.. oh have now got my loyalty card.

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Glad you had a good time, 2 weeks ago i returned from the broads after having 2 weeks and i must agree the staff at Richardsons are briliant. We are missing the broads already so will have to return in October i think. The loyalty card is a great idea as we so far have £300 credit, so in a couple of years we will get a free week on the broads.

Am surprised your boat needed painting as at the start of the season they are normally in the best condition.


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hi mark,yeah the cards a great idea :) got sum way to go to catch up mate!! couldnt really fault the boat was comfy clean and everything work well. paint job wasnt the best tho, moored up at ludham bridge thurs night with loads of clives boats and must say it didnt look as good as the others. but im sure that will be put right. the yard at stalham is much improved as well. the richardson family really do seem to understand what their customers want and for me they really have got it right. you can now pay your hol balance by instalments as long as its paid by the due date( graet idea) have plans for that one, can see us on a rc35 next year :clap.gold gem will have to do for august tho need a new car. :(

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had to change our hol plans for augst phoned ricko and told them my probs. have had to change date to sept and we are now having broads suncharm :clap wow having a new boat now.had to pay addmin charge but thats the norm. cant wait :clap

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ice slice my favourite hire boat company is sandersons at reedham, this year will be our 3 time with them, collin is a really great guy he always looks after us as we don't drive, so we have to come by train & collin always picks us up at the train station & takes us back too, great firm.looking forward to seeing him again. :trophy
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Only Richardson's run the loyalty card scheme, that why we try to hire from them every year. you receive 10% of your booking fee and after 5 bookings you can cash your money in towards another boat hire, we estimate we will have £600.00 after 5 bookings.


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I Can't believe richardsons are finally looking after their boats it's about time.

Well I can guarantee their boats are looked after

for at least one week in the year when I hire one of them.....

And the loyalty card...... one more holiday, and the next for me half price.... :party2::party2::party2:

Oh, and we have hired from Snandersons before.....SAND STORM...another great boat in my mind....

BUT.... Richardsons, for large yard are very customer oriented, and I can not fault them in any way...

Make that two pints Clive....see you next year


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Hi Guys

Just had two weeks on Prisma with SWBO. Clive - the guys at the yard at Acle absolutely brilliant as was the young lady in the office. We had arrived early on the Monday expecting to have lunch in the Bridge Inn and then take over the boat. Maurice ? informed us that she was already good to go and would we like to load our kit and victual the boat. Familiarisation given by Mark who deserves special mention. Had a wonderful 2 weeks despite the winds and rain. The boat behaved herself impeccably and got some admiring stares from others. We both enjoyed the experience so much that on our return we have booked for October -San Julian and are talking about doing a winter trip as well!

Well done to all and keep up the "Richardsons experience"!

Clive - may catch up with you in October and give a personal thank you.



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I definitely vote for sandersons, they've got some great boats, oh & if anyone knows collin, tell him poet lorraine says hi & i'll see him in a few weeks,

Oh oh col its starting to rain

come and fetch us from the train

if you dont we'll surely get wet

And be the grumpiest girls you've ever met

But I know that you surely will

'cos You know it's a long way down that hill

and one more thing you need not fear

we'll remember to buy you a big frothy beer

You'll send us off with a big cheery smile

as we zig-zag off for the first mile

but after a week we'll bring her back

our zig-zag becoming a deliberate tack!

We'll leave her clean, just ***** and span

As a man knows only a woman can

Then once again it's back up the hill

Then back to Norwich past many a mill

But as we leave, shedding a sad lonely tear

You know we'll be back again to see you next year


So if you want a really nice boat

Ask these girls for whom they would vote!!! two guns

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Hi All

Back to work this week and the depression has already set in.! :cry:

Had a great week last week despite the weather. I didn't know the broads were counted as a rain forest. Half expected to see natives paddling down the river. Just like the Orinoco... :)

Once again praise for Richardsons - slick T/O and H/O and great staff at the yard!

Clive nice meeting you last Monday and the 45 is certainly coming on !

Aquaholic great meet at Sutton - hope you had a good time. Motored past some NBN boats on Sunday on Barton and the approach to Sutton - wonder who you were?



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