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all boats were made so that women were meant to fit in tight spots so the men could watch there rumps :lol::lol:

thank god i dont have a GF as of yet :lol::lol:

Jonny ice sliceice slice

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Reminds me of when i built my Dutton Phaeton back in the mid 80s. You had to see to believe the positions i had to get into to wire up under the dashboard. I think it would kill me if i tried it now or if not, i`d need to be puled out with a hoist or something :lol::lol: . Keep hold of her Wayne, you could hire her out as a Ferrett :lol::lol::lol: , you`d make a fortune. Regards ............... Neil.

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We had not had our Mazda 626 very long and our spaniel pup an even shorter time. Jenny came home and reported that there was a stange flashing light on the dashboard. Investigation realised that said hound had squeezed under the passenger seat and chewed through the wires to the airbag and possible the seat belt tensioner, would have served him right if that had activated :evil::evil: To repair this involved Fiona my eldest daughter lying with her toes over the back seat rest and her arms under the passenger seat holding the wires together whilst I somehow manager to reach under the front of the seat and solder them together.

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Unfortunately my eldest is reluctant to get into holes, and my youngest is a bit too young, so I have had to train myself to fold up small and only occassionally get stuck :grin: . Mind you, I do have a "Sharon" which is quite handy for those spaces I simply can't get into, but it would be much more useful if it had extendable arms :lol:

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