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40 minutes ago, EastCoastIPA said:

One thing that has always struck me as a little odd, is that Fourth Bridge 2 has the inside helm on the normal port side, whereas Fourth Bridge 1 has the inside helm on the Startboard side!

According to Craig's site Forth Bridge 1 dates from 1989 (ex Harvey Eastwood) and 2 is from 1991 (ex Greenway and Anchorcraft) maybe slight build/fitout variations?

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Pre Bridgecraft days on route to The Locks Inn. Sept 2002



Not much has changed along that stretch.



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Sept 2001 in it's Anchorcraft days. You can just see the Blue before it changed to Yellow probably around 2005 or 2006?

Hunsett Mill in the background for the nostalgic amongst us, pre it's modernisation.

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Thank goodness the mill has been restored!!

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On ‎21‎/‎05‎/‎2018 at 23:14, Delilah said:

Can I add my two penneth here as well? We have heard some strange stories from boatyard owners about people (not dogs or any other pets) leaving the boat's in an absolutely TERRIBLE state, so much so that the boat had to be "deep cleaned".... It's not the fault of the pet, not all of the time! Xx

We were waiting for our boat on changeover day at Barnes last year, watching the cleaners doing their thing. One young lady stumbled out of one boat and through gritted teeth remarked to he colleague "oh god, we're going to need the long gloves......."

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