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Emily B

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I am writing this on behalf of Alan who some of you may have met at the Salhouse meet, he was with me on Star Premiere..

He has been quietly beavering away on his project for a few years now at Martham Boat Development. The time has come to step up a gear so he is moving the whole kit and caboodle to Lowestoft and Robins yard in part of the old Brooke marine sheds. Robin is a very accomplished boat builder and he has a marine engineer on site to cope with bits he cannot do himself.like engine fitting. 

Alan has two reconditioned BMC i.5 engines with reconditioned Borg Warner velvet drive gearboxes. Everything on these engines has been replaced  with new or reconditioned  items water pumps, alternators etc. etc..

Alan has an oldish golden retriever  who will be accompanying him on his travels so he has designed a rather unique boarding duck board / parasell  (not sure about that spelling).

He has designed and built the windscreens and the canopies. The interior was pretty well stripped  and dismantled with piles of wood filling every nook and cranny. When he bought the boat there were piles of timber under the boat, these had been balanced on top in reediness to drag her outside and die a slow death. Alan had seen her whilst working on Star Premiere with me. He stepped in at the last minute and bought her thus maybe saving her from almost certain death.

In my untrained amateur opinion he has a little gem, although at 35' she is not so little. Narrative is a little sparse as I don't seem to have the energy I had when "doing " SP but I have done a bit of varnish at his house and I think maybe I am a good sounding board for ideas, and we do boat jumbles to find age related bits. He has found some amazing pieces along the way.

She eventually have a 10' mast and fly a steady sail which along with her bilge keels should lessen rolling in a seaway, if we ever get on the briny. The 3rd photo is of a chain plate we found at I think Norwich boat jumble ideal for what is needed. 

The second photo is of the stem plate, again recycled, it was originally chrome plated and graced Star Premieres bow, the chrome was quite damage and in fact was going to cost more to re chrome than a new S/S  piece so with some regrets I let it go , but seeing this end result I feel much better.




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This is looking down the deck from the cockpit. Anyone who wants to have this view will have to attend the Wooden boat show at Beccles in August. This will be her first public showing.

The next photo is an assortment of fittings purchased at the Norfolk boat jumble a couple of years ago.

The next one is the front screens, all designed and made by Alan but before being glazed.

Fourth and last the same fittings polished and ready for fitting.

20170703_144333 (1).jpg

Assorted fittings.jpg

Front screens.jpg

fittings polished.jpg

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Is that still not in the water?   :facepalm:

Had a guided tour the other day, it's going to be quite a craft when completed. Perhaps you could keep this thread going Barry, she's a very interesting project.?


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I will try to Dave, it is a little dependent on Alan remembering to take photos and sending them to me, altoughj I do hope to get down there with my varnish brush at some point.

This is the beginnings of the galley and the saloon looking towards the galley.

Third one is the sink cut out.




Draining board.jpg

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Oh wow.. now that's a boat!.. despite all the boats and superyachts I get to go in work.. these are boats...

That windscreen is just a masterpiece, clearly a very talented chap indeed.

Looking forward to see her afloat one day hopefully!

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Of course Martin, just testing to see who is awake.

Thank you for your comments on behalf of Alan. As I found while doing SP

it all helps to drive things along. 
Things may get a little sporadic after Tuesday when Emily B goes on her road 

trip to Lowestoft, I don't have any more photos at the moment, between the

illogical Windows 10 and myself I managed to wipe the camera sd card .

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No 1 Ready to be loaded on to the Martham trailer with all he accoutrements on he aft deck. It shows her size when you consider the dinghy is 9' and sits comfortably within  the aft cockpit.

No 2 The shafts and props roped on  and the rudder tied over. The engines aren't fitted yet so the shafts inner ends are not attached.

No 3 Here she is on the Martham trailer awaiting transfer.

No 4 Mid air and almost down.

No 5 Down with the chassis extension out to support her keel

Finally being off loaded at Lowestoft at the old Brooke Marine yard where Robin works his magic.

I must say that GMR  is a superb outfit. Not only did he build this piece of kit from the cab chassis up including the Hi Ab

he also designed it all.Apart from that he is one of the most spatially aware people I have ever come across, not only that but very reasonable as well







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Reminds me of a Boat my Grandfather owned in the 1960s 'Wyvern 2' built in 1928 by Husk and Sons of Wyvenhoe. she had a Thornycroft 'Handy Billy' engine,  Later a new owner fitted a BMC diesel and started to build a wheelhouse, never saw it again. Lovely old boat, but lots of maintainance!  when the photo was taken she was just back in the water after lots of attention, and the sails went up for show! Me at the helm.

Untitled-12 Wyvern 2 .jpg

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CMBooth that is a very pretty boat, I love the rig Emily has a 10' mast but we haven't devised a sail plan yet.

So Emily is now ensconced in her new home in Lowestoft, a plan has been worked out and work has begun

The first photo is of the huge transporter which placed he in her place 

The second is her galley taking shape

Third is her in her temporary birth. The bottom right of the picture show the two BMC 1.5 s' awaiting fitting. The new couplings are fitted and aligned so the engines should not be far behind.  In the roof of the building is the original electric hoist from the Brooke ship building days, it is still operational although reduced to 20 tons now.  





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  • 2 weeks later...

Another update from Lowestoft on Emily B.

One of the fibre glass engine and gearbox drip trays manufactured in house by Robin, next photo is of same in situ 

for the starboard engine. There has had to be some alterations to the starboard engine beds as the starter was fouling. The help of an angle grinder and some welding soon had it fitting better, sorry about the photo being out of focus a new phone i gather. Fourth photo the I rather think starboard engine on the original Brooke Marine lift now licensed for 20 tons.

Chris,  Robins long suffering wife filling and undercoating the hull.

The black water tank fitted under what will be the port bunk in the saloon, this will extend into the heads immediately aft, you can see it poking under the bulkhead.

So things are moving along quite nicely, baring misfortune we will be at Beccles but maybe "camping" on board as the upholstery and fripperies may not have made it on board by then.   










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  • 2 weeks later...

A bit of a gap between updates for which I apologise.

The first photo is the reconstructed engine beds. The originals were not made for

these engines, so now they have new beds and new mountings.

The next is the Port side bunk with its boards fitted over the waste tank. The next is the same

bunk with some cushions on for scene setting.

The next No 4 is looking the other way ie forwards with the starboard bunk to your right.

You can see in this photo at eye level an aluminium tool box sitting on a cushion, this is the original 

set up for sleeping four in the main cabin two bunks suspended above the other two.

 Photo 5  Alan is adapting on old pine carver which over the years has had its legs shortened.

He is making for new pine legs for it. Then a swivel plate will be fitted  and thus the helm (especially Me)

will be able to turn around easily without dismounting. He comes up with all these aids to help especially my

boating enjoyment.







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