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Man Overboard Chartplotter Question

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I've been reading my RC435i instruction manual properly - yes, I know I'm male and this is against the rules, but I thought it might be a good idea.... :naughty:

Anyway, my chartplotter links to my DSC radio via NMEA, so if in the event of a problem and I have to press the "red button" all relevent information would be transmitted.. all good.

However, and my question is, on reading the manual, if I press the Man Overboard button on the chartplotter, the route is stopped and a new screen comes up saying exactly where the MOB button was pressed along with info like course to steer, speed etc. BUT, it also says that it will:-

"Send an MOB message, including bearing and range, to other units in the system, via NMEA"

Personally I think MOB practice is good, and Claire and I often practice this on the Broads to make sure that in the event one of us fell in, the other can manover the boat to the correct position to retrieve the other. But, I am a bit worried about using the MOB button in practice. Will this, via the DSC send out an emergency notification ? I don't want to press it to find out obviously !!!!!

Any ideas ?

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No Luke it won't send out a Mayday unless you hit and confirm on the set itself, what it will do is show the MOB on say a linked flybridge repeater etc. One point when using an MOB button, it will only show you where the MOB occurred or worse, the position when somebody noticed there has been an MOB. The Raymarine lifetag is similar in that it just tells you where somebody went over the side, with a sea and or tide running that may not be good enough, especially in the dark. For what a combined 407 & 121 PLB costs nowadays I think that might be an even better investment than an optic kit. :naughty:

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