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Father's Day


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I didn't know till I got a call from Melbourne this morning. Fathers day in Oz is the first Sunday in Sept. Mothers day there is the second Sunday of May.

Likewise thankyou for your kind sentiment.

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3 hours ago, CambridgeCabby said:

Thank you from me too 


saw my three children today plus my grandson , a bottle of malt (eldest son), 3 bottles of strong craft cider and kids sweets (younger son) and a trio of socks and a polo shirt from my daughter makes it an excellent day for me .

Don’t forget Toms brilliant card :default_biggrin:


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Spent the day at snetterton for the BSB with youngest son, wife and the outlaws. 

Bit cold but a lovely day. And son and I got matching tshirts (he said I could choose but put restrictions in place) he paid so fair enough. Mind you I paid for the tickets :default_cool:

off to look for a new bike for him tomorrow now. And it's a sensible tourer he wants not a nutter street racer like his dad :default_smiley-angelic002:

And Griff, I do like the shaft drive mighty tiger:default_biggrin:

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I've had a busy but lovely Father's Day .

was given bacon eggs and mushrooms for  breakfast ( nothing unusual to be fair , I get well spoiled!!)

Caught up on a wee job for someone I've been meaning to do for ages, and it all went well. Then drove 20 miles to my newly married niece house , where I planned what lights to buy and install for her , by way of a wedding present. Lovely couple , and they seemed pleased with my recommendations, lights ordered and another lovely vist planned to install them when they arrive. 

Have just opened , and had a taster of highland park malt , the finest whisky given to me for Father's Day , just as well it's Sunday or I might have made a dent in it !!!!

A fine day all round . I have the best kids and wife for sure .

I promise , I have only had one !!!!!!!!

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