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England V Tunisia


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I shall be watching the game with my two boys, they have little t shirts with the three lions on it and little St George's flags. I think they will win tonight but after that who know's :default_biggrin:

Have a lovely time at the Bridge, I am jealous as hell, I'd much rather be watching  it in my favourite pub on the planet

Enjoy :default_beerchug:


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29 minutes ago, BroadAmbition said:

The surprise will be if they have to move the England coach from its present location in the short stay car park at Heathrow to the Long stay park!


Oh ye of little faith! We are going to win the World Cup. My St George’s flag on the boat says so. :default_eusa_dance:

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Finished work and having a little rest on the boat whilst trying to work out why my Nav lights have decided to give up the ghost. 

Will wander down to the pub around 17.00 and get a nice cold Shandy in :14_relaxed:

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The problem with English football is that our players are just not paid enough. On the pittance they are paid how can we possibly expect them to perform? 

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