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Nav Lights Not Working

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Hi all,


I noticed the starboard and stern navigation lamps on our Shetland 27i  were not working the other day when out on the boat in the evening.

Come back today with the intention of changing the internal lamps but when removed they looked fine and metered out working.

There is no obvious corrosion in the fitting themselves but when putting my multimeter on the contacts and the lights switched on there is no voltage present.
It was at this point I noticed that my port light and also my anchor light and steaming light were also not illuminated although these were working the other day.

The Anchor light is on a separate switch to the other lights but none are working.

I'm going to guess there is a fuse that has blown but I'm not sure where the fuses are located on our boat and none of the paperwork that came with our boat alludes to where they are hidden!

Any ideas as to whereabouts the fuse panel is on a Shetland 27i or anything else I should be looking at?

 P.s. The deck lights and internal lights are all working normally.

P.p.s. trying to get through to Shetland is proving rather difficult lol!


Cheers in advance,


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If it is the 1st time this season you have tried them, try flicking the switch a few times to see if the contacts are dirty, repeated switching can clear a little dirt off them.


Ps I have to do this on mine must get round to cleaning them properly.


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Hi Guys,

Sorry for late reply.....footie and food took over from boat stuff:default_biggrin:

Fuse for lights was located directly behind the switch panel, all other fuses under the helm.

Lighting fuse was gone and looks like water ingress in the stern light had caused the problem.

Fuse replaced, lamp contacts cleaned up and pool of water in offending light drained and sealed as best I can.

New stern light will be ordered in due course.


Thanks for all the replies :14_relaxed:

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21 hours ago, Chelsea14Ian said:

I know the feeling my stern light is always playing up.The boat is in for service and have asked Graham to check it.

We have the Boat Safety certificate coming up so want to make sure everything is ship shape and Bristol Fashion.

We have ordered new Stern, Port and Starboard lights plus new LED lamps for them and also for the bow Steaming light and Anchor light.

If they arrive in time may well pop up this weekend and install them .

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On 20/06/2018 at 10:21, JanetAnne said:

Nav lights not working is not part of the bss. Condition and security of wiring and fuses are. If it's fitted it needs to have been fitted safely and within bss regulations however,  it don't need to work!

You're probably right (haven't checked) but having them working ain't a bad thing I guess :default_biggrin:

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54 minutes ago, Chelsea14Ian said:

Most of the time don't need nav lights but useful in poor light.Sweetkingfisher is ex hire she was fitted with nav lights.She spent ten years on French waterways she also has a compass.Think it must be law there.

It is!

Hire boats are still not allowed out at night though

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I remember when doing a trial run in those boats, I would say "This switch is the navigation lights, but you don't need those as you are not allowed out at night."  - an opportunity to get the point across - "and this switch is for the wipers, but you don't need those either as it never rains in the south of France". 

This joke went down even better if it was pouring with rain at the time!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just a little update to say that Riverlight has passed her BSS and what a nice chap Tim Waters is who did the inspection.

We will be using his services again soon and would thoroughly recommend him.

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