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Navigating Horning 28 Jul To 3rd August.


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Yes it's that time of year again, just about a Month to the start of Horning Regatta week. So for those who wish to watch / avoid / Get thorugh Horning with as little difficulty as possible, during those dates, here I hope is some useful information.

To Make it easier to read, The first post will be what we are doing, the second post will be :

When are the best times to go through, if you wish to avoid the event.

What we Tell the competitors, request the non competitors please do and why we do this....


Saturday 28th July 2018,  Club event members only competing,

The Racing is on Black Horse Broad (AKA Hoveton Little Broad) from about 14:00, so boats will be commuting up to the broad from the sailing club from around 13:00. There is likely to be a rescue boat or two towing small dinghies and maybe the odd keelboat up to the broad.

The boats are likely to be returning from  16:00.


Sunday  29th July 2018, Club event members only competing,

The racing is also on the broad, boats are likely to go to the broad between 09:00 and 10:00, returning for lunch 12:30 to13:00. then back for the Afternoon session in time for the 14:00 start. Most boats are likely to return to the club after 16:00.


Monday 30th August 2018 to 3rd August 2018, An open event on the River

Anybody is welcome to compete, or come visit the club and see what's going on. We will be wrapped up in our event, there will be a lot of strangers around, so if you visit, want to ask questions, please do, someone will point you to a person with the knowledge. 

09:25 Racing starts, so boats will be on the water from about 09:15, the first series includes the beginners so hoards of small children from 8 years old in their first regatta event.

10:30 the bigger boats join in, 20ft to 25ft keelboats.

12:30 most will pack up for lunch, however, there are a few boats out for special classes, and the Big sailing cruisers have their lunch time up to 2 hour race..

14:00 the afternoon Series starts, the absolute beginners are not encouraged out, because it's too busy, but there will be a fair amount of dinghies, keelboats, and the slower sailing cruisers will still be out.

16:00-The afternoon Main series should be finishing, shortly after there will be reduced Numbers in a couple of races for special trophies.

17:30 we should be finished but there may be the odd straggler about.

After racing, social events at the club, for club members, invited guests and competitors

28 Jul Sat 7:00PM Platter n Natter / film Clubhouse  
29 Jul Sun 5:00PM Berry Shield / cream tea Clubhouse  
30 Jul Mon 6:00PM Games evening & chips Clubhouse  
31 Jul Tue 7:00PM Quiz night Clubhouse  
1 Aug Wed 7:00PM Bingo Clubhouse  
2 Aug Thu 8:00PM Disco - 80s theme Clubhouse  
3 Aug Fri 7:00PM Round Off the Week Clubhouse


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When to go through avoiding all racing or when there are reduced numbers sailing and other information

 Remember Not all sailing boats are competitors or have any association with the club, we had a non competing fleet sail through one year, that was interesting..

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July, really you shouldn't have a problem as they are not racing on the river, but if you wish to avoid all our sailors. You can see on the previous post when they are travelling to the broads and back.

Should you wish to view our racing or just the Broad, please come onto the broad and do so. We request you travel round the outside of the broad and also if you wish to moor please keep close to the banks. The windward end is always a good place to moor under the shelter of the trees..

  Mooring in the middle or travelling in the middle can be worrying for those not used to Broads sailing as boats come at you from all directions and will get very close..


30th July to 3rd August, Racing on the river Between Dydlers mill and the club house. With boats getting ready for racing between the club and the New Inn. The big cruisers may race as far as Woodcutters dyke if the wind is in the right direction.

The only place for viewing is at the club or the Swan Inn Green, sadly the Blofield estate put no mooring signs on the bank further up the river a couple of years ago.

No competiors on the river before 09:14, or after about 17:30,

Very much Reduced numbers between 12:30 and 14:00

We TELL the competitors that if the motorboats are close to the bank ( less than 6ft) to turn away and treat them as the bank.

Note, especially in the first race in the morning , there are a lot of beginners they may make mistakes,

Note, Some competitors may think the gap in front of you is big enough to tack in and out before you get there, so be aware you may have to slow or stop if they get it wrong.

Note, in Broads racing  a few inches apart is a big distance, they will get very close to the side of your boat.


We ask, Non competitors to please stick to the bank, that's within 6ft of the bank, that way there is not enough room for a boat to sail between you and the bank. Getting boats all round you is a nightmare..

If there is a start coming up, you will see lots of boats sailing across the river and back, outside the clubhouse, the races always start exactly on the 5 minutes (we use a radio controlled clock). If you are just a minute from the start, if you could slow down and hold back till the start has gone, it should be easier for you to get through.

If it's really light weather, the boats tend to cover the river, if you are following the fleet all you can do is stick to the right hand bank and go forward when a gap appears.

If you are arriving with the fleet coming towards you, slow down and if neccesary come to a halt. The boats when they arrive will move out and round you, then you can go forward.


Should you have  a problem, please make a note of the symbol and number on the sail, and if you can the broads registration number as well please.  Rreport it to the club as soon as possible. The competitors all have to have their own insurance, and  if we can Identify the competitor you will be put into contact. 

We had someone report damage, a month later, saying it was a white coloured boat with a white sail, and then they claimed it was on a day that turned out to be one we weren't racing!! not suprisingly it was impossible to identify the boat concerned.

Hopefully thats every thing covered, Please enjoy your trips out on the broads...


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  • 2 weeks later...
50 minutes ago, BroadAmbition said:

Hmmm,  Bro is onboard 'B.A' with his crew 25 - 29th July - Do I tell him?



I'm onboard 'B.A'  02 - 06th Aug with a full crew of 6 ex RN (HMS Glasgow communicators to be precise) - Do I send a note to mysen?


I may see BA round t'end of tha stay Mr Griff, I'll give thee a wave if a do, is BA in use fo rest o'week after tha guz?

Al gi them a wave too :default_biggrin:

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I hope you actually get some wind around Horning way, during that week. I hear there was a notable absence of the 'blowy stuff' during the recent Three Rivers Race...:default_sailing:

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Yes there was a very noticeble lack of wind during the 3RR, only 15 finished the course, out of the 93 entrants. Not the worst number of finishers ever though!!!

I prefer a nice gentle breeze for regatta week,

The beginners can be allowed to sail,

We don't fighten the tourists as much,

Much less likely for sailing boat equipment failure..

 I have to rescue less people..


Oh there will be less boats out this year, Wroxham club are having the regatta late this year,  due to late schools finish, so it's on top of our week. Therefore those that to do both normally, will be split between the clubs..

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11 hours ago, BroadAmbition said:

Hmmm,  Bro is onboard 'B.A' with his crew 25 - 29th July - Do I tell him?

I'm onboard 'B.A'  02 - 06th Aug with a full crew of 6 ex RN (HMS Glasgow communicators to be precise) - Do I send a note to mysen?



I recon you'll need a note to Yoursel, RN  know nothing about sailing, they're too busy floating around in tin cans

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One week to go and the first cannon will have fired Half an hour ago,, I'll be just coming back from putting out the buoys. looking forward to a bacon roll.... ore  two..


 First start on the river 1 week and 54 minutes..

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Tomorrow the Regatta starts, so  this is the last bump up of this year, the wind is forecast to be good on Saturday, but it may rain during set up. Sunday there may be to much wind for some...

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The concern about lack of wind was unjustified,  we had too much Saturday and Sunday and wetness from the sky.  Only 10 boats competed Saturday And 12 Sunday. Many capsizes from the dinghies,  but the only one needing rescue was nearer another rescue boat.  He capsized stuck his mast in the mud and broke the mast trying to right the boat. 

After racing on Sunday,  we had a rescue dory skills competition out side the club on the river ( regular dory drivers banned from competing.)  I was rescue boat for the rescue boat,  we also had a fully qualified instructed sitting along side each novice  just in case.

Everything was on skill,  speed  was not included or allowed. Pick up a fender hooked on a buoy reverse to another buoy hook fender on again.  Bring dory to club house quay heading touch balloon with bow of dory without bursting balloon. Rescue football from river  Manoeuvre boat the finish.

Just as we were to start I saw 3 green canoes approaching 150 yards away near the BA village moorings,  so just as I moved forward to ask them   to go round one capsized.  Full throttle  time, waving down a tourist to stop,    I reached and recovered one man,  while  the competing rescue boat with two qualified crew, rescued the other who had swum to and was hanging onto a moored broads cruiser. The canoe and paddles I towed to the club.  The two men used the club facilities  to recover and get cleaned up.  The canoe hire,  we're phoned by the club, An hour or so later a boat ,  came and collected men and canoe.. 

After that excitement we held the competition,  



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Monday,  winds much lighter,  but it rained all. Morning. 

05:30 to clubhouse,  SSS, 

06:00 get the rescue boat out load with buoys, then have coffee

07:00 prepare other 3 rescue boats, 

07:30 hook flags to halyards, get another coffee

07:50 I start count down,

07:59:50 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

08:00 canon fires as I haul up flags. 

08:05 depart to place buoys

08:30 return to collect,  major regatta signs. 

09:00 return and order bacon butties for breakfast. 

09:15 as first buzzer goes,  depart munching bacon butties to up river of start. 

09:25 first start starts,  head up river,  diverting non competitors to the right hand bank.  Continue diverting  tourists while keeping an eye on competitors until.. 

12::00 return to the club for a cheese roll and coffee. 

13:30 back on the water for the afternoon races

16:30 radio failed returned to club for another,  radio messages now received and understood 

17:30 start collecting buoys

18:00 return rescue crew, go to motorboat, get changed. 

18:30 to clubhouse,  have sausage and chips

Games going on, lots of socialising , I'm on my first cider. 

Only one incident to today,  one incident today one competing boat attempted to mount another,  no injuries to people,  one boat damaged. 

That's my day at Horning regatta so far,  time to go to the bar again... 




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I shall report your post for moderation! We just can't have boats "Mounting" each other on a family friendly forum even if it is regatta week!

Shame on you TheQ, if the said boat did mount another it should be kept to the confines of your club and certainly not made public.

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Morning all,

Monday's evening games night and fish and chips went well,  101 portions pre ordered and few others bought as well. 

Tuesday's event went very well,  just two incidents, 

Two incidents,

First,  a single person or two at a squeeze, speedboat was planeing through the fleet on the wrong side of the river,  this was a consistent long plane not just avoiding a boat. , I had to put my rescue boat in front to stop him, I reminded him the limit was 5mph at that point. He was on a short stay visitor toll.. But because I was also busy keeping an eye on the racing, i forgot to make a note of his toll number.. He said OK and went off correctly, but I suspect round the corner of dydlers mill he will have opened up again.

The other, a hire boat complained at being shouted at by racing boats, since the visitor was going along the river correctly as asked,  I reported it to the commodore, who will read the riot act later today,  once as a general, announcement  to everyone and then again before the start of the suspected  culprits,  fundamental rule 2, fair sailing, and rule 69, gross misconduct applies and could lead to disqualification.

the Tuesday evening quiz night went well,  the club was packed,  inside and out.  There were about 20 teams we came 5th half a point from being 3rd..

The rescue  boats are ready, the flags are hooked on,  the cannon fires in 40 minutes,  time to get a coffee. 

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Have to say when we cruised through yesterday that all of the racing yacht crews were very courteous and friendly. 

Had one sail between us and the bank but it was obvious they had caught what little wind there was so we pulled out a little and let them through.

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If you wish to have a view of the regatta with out getting involved in the Mayhem or sitting on Swan green  https://www.horning-...lub/webcams.php which, if you look at from 09:30 You See our sailing chaos. Peak busyness about 11:00 or 14:30, though the fleets could be anywhere on a Mile and a half of river. 
I hear the sounds of beer barrels being dropped, it must be a delivery to the Swan pub in the left hand picture. 

Out on patrol we have signs to hold out, it's easier than shouting over the sound of their diesel engines, the signs say "keep right", "hug the bank" "racing ahead" "thank you" to which one punter shouted back "does this mean we have to turn round" err where did it say that? 
Yesterday I rescued grandma and granddad in a rowing dinghy, male and female grandchildren in canoes. They found paddling up river is easy with the wind and tide, getting back was not. They were very undirectional getting out into hoards racing sailors on also amoung inexperienced hire boaters. So we towed them back the mile they had come from... 

There's a phone going off in the clubhouse, someone will be looking for that this morning.

Just as we set off to return to our station, another sailing boat reported a dinghy in trouble, full throttle time.. Just where we picked up the the others was a "solo" class dinghy sailor sat on the bank, he'd capsized, recovered to the bank but had a badly torn sail, he'd only had the boat 2 days....
We had huge entry of Yare and Bure one designs yesterday, very traditional broads keelboats with very long booms, half a dozen can block the river, we had a lot more than that.. 

Today, is the original regatta day, spoons day, tea spoon for third place, middles spoon for second, soup soon for first. As well as the chance of getting your name on lots of trophies.. So Many more boats will be out today,

Time to go attach the flags to their halyards the cannon goes off in 25 minutes

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Afternoon  All, a very good days sailing for all although the wind was very light in the morning. 

99% of boat drivers happily went along the bank, 1 or two interpreted "keep to the right hand bank" as somewhere down the middle, then getting somewhat of a mess surrounded  by tacking boats. There was the other odd one or two who panicked at the sight of a boat coming towards them and turned away into the river causing more chaos... 

The only major problem,  was the link between the throttle cable and the carb came undone. Leaving me in one of 4 rescue boats to come from near dydlers mill to the club at idle. A long trip.... 

A simple fix but annoying. 

There is a disco at the club tonight,  once I obtain a can or two from the bar,  I shall retreat to the other side of the river... 

The last day of the regatta tomorrow,  ah music has started,  my ears hurt,    bye.. 


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Well that's it,  the regatta is over for another year, though club sailing will continue,  from next Thursday afternoon / evening, with the sailing school and racing sailing on Black Horse, the following  Sunday. 

The sailing went well, with some trophies given out after racing,  others are given out at the prize giving dinner in October.  Also the glasses were given out,  if you do so many % of your possible races,  you get an HSC engraved glass,  if you do nearly all your possible races you get two glasses. 

Three incidents  to report, 

During the mid morning race  two broads tours day boats 41and 11 went past,  fully loaded with late teens early twenty something's,  jumping up and down on the fore decks singing and "dancing" , jumping from boat to boat, obviously already well p****d. 

Much later they came back,  some obviously  unable to stand,  shirtless males or or minimal cover females,  doing good impressions of lobsters.  They will be regretting it this morning. 


Also in the morning a Brinks elysian/maderia went past with what looked like two male bruiser / club bouncer types on board.  We showed the keep right, thank you   boards, as the racing was very busy,  but the look they gave us, made it obvious they weren't taking any advice.  So they proceeded on just right of centre and shortly after got stuck well and truly surrounded by sailing boats as the mobo caused chaos. 


And finally,  a lot of shouting occurred as a day boat came through the fleet,  well out out from the bank,  a very angry  man came to us shouting about the sailing boats,  and while I tried to explain what was going on and what he should have done, he made the statement.  " I'VE hired this boat and "I" have avoid sailboats!!! "


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Congratulations on the successful running  of what must be one of the most challenging regattas in the country!  Ours starts on 18th - but we'll be at the club from 16th to help with the preparation and to get our favourite camping spot.  

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