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A Diamond Week

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Well, it's all over :default_huh:, a week of wall to wall sunshine , many many fish and many beers with a few whisky chasers aboard the lovely Pacific Diamond from a very family friendly professional boatyard . 

I will get this bit over with , and try not to reference it too much in my tale ( I will dig out an old thread and explain more later maybe if I feel it's right) but I wasn't feeling my best on the couple of weeks lead up to my MUCH anticipated holiday, and it took a while to relax into broads mode. So that's the negative out the way. 

Light hearted from here on I promise :default_party0001:

Ive not written a thing down!! So it's all from memory , so a few mistakes might and will be made I'm sure!!!

Myself , the gaffer, and 15 year old lad set off 30 miles north of Edinburgh for the 450 mile journey on Thursday 1900. My 19 year old daughter , despite some serious cajoling, pleading and to be fair emotional blackmail :default_icon_redface:, decided that 19 year old uni " dudes" have better things to do on a summer than go to the broads. Ibiza , parties and boys all came in the way apparently. I'm not sure what this Edinburgh uni is actually  teaching her. Strange girl :facepalm:

Peterborough Premier Inn was first stop which we arrived around 2330 . A quick half for a night cap and a good night sleep was had , breakfast ( okay for the £9.00 ) was had with lots of fruit juice and coffee and on the road again. Arrived at the boatyard at Loddon around 11.30 , said hello and went back into the village for supplies. The lovely Fiona at the boatyard had said our boat should be ready around 1300 , so there was time to get some fishing supplies and a beer and a game of pool in the pub . I won this game of pool, not the sign of things to come so in future I might just say " we had a game of pool" :default_party0001:

Back to boat yard , the sun was working hard , car unpacked and pretty much all things stowed when I got the handover . All very professional , not rushed and any questions I had answered with thought and a smile. I've been with this yard once before , and many others before so a trial run was not needed and down the Chet we went about 1400. Is there a happier time than setting of on your first cruise , with the whole holiday ahead , and as a wee Brucie bonus , the forecast of 99% guaranteed sunshine . Beer opened and rods built as big junior slowly and skilfully took us down the narrow wynding Chet . He has been boating a long time and really is skilful knowledgeable broads skipper.

A quick stop at Cantley , really just to play with the first time had! bow thrusters , a quick look in the pub and menu for return journey and off into the sunshine we sailed ( or is it cruised technically :default_biggrin:) . The New Inn at Rockland was target destination, chosen by the skipper of the day. ( we had made a rule , off the cuff, that who ever was driving, was in charge of the tunes!!) and he remembered a few years ago getting a fantastic burger there! 

So we cruised past the quiet moorings on the way in, looking for a nice first night fishing ( and reading for Mrs W) into the lovely summer dusk hours. All these seemed surprisingly busy so we thought we would check the other side on the way out.

The first of many good meals was had , I would recommend the place . Not super fancy , but value good honest pub grub . It's what you expect . 

The way out did not not throw up any great mooring offerings and since we all were happy to cruise a little more on a lovely evening, off to the broad at Brundall we headed . Found a lovely sheltered spot , still in the dipping sun and mud weighted for a night of fishing , beer , chilling and taking it all in .

A superb start to a time I look forward to so much. The broads hold so many memories for me . From going as a 4 year old in a chalet at potter heigham , to big family boating holidays , to smaller gatherings , to taking my true love ( Mrs W now !!) on her first boat from Astons , to taking my young and then bigger family on chalets and boats  and so many other holidays of all shapes and forms , with dear people sadly no longer here, it truly is an emotional place . But filled with so many happy memories . 

Im sure that's enough for now , your probably all sleeping . More to follow as the days go , I can't type very fast so this takes a while !!,

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So, we fished and chatted until near darkness on a stunning evening, then tiredness kicked in and bed called. I made my customary coffee flask for the morning , so I don't wake up the boat crashing about and kettles whistling and off to bed I went.

Opened my eyes to bright sunshine , despite the curtains being closed just before 6am I think. Grabbed my flask and went on deck to take in the beauty.  Was surprised how close to side we were , must have drifted a bit in the night . 

Not half!! As my mind woke up I realised I was about 30 metres from where I dropped mud weight!! Turns out my young lad had tied the rope too tight and the tide had lifted us and amazing zig zagged through a few boats and came to rest on the opposite side of the broad!,. Thankfully no contact had been made with either boat nor natural obstacle, and we didn't make it out to the main river!, . Everyday is a school day , I've never had that happen to me before , drifted a little , but never like that. 

Didnt feel like fishing so just took the slowest of cruises up river in the Norwich direction. Not many boats about , and the low sun creating such a lovely filter on the glass like river. My wife was also up and we both took in the beauty , and decided we would go to Norwich and have a nice early swim , which would set us up for a lovely breakfast. The young lad stayed with the boat, set up his fishing gear and had a 4g reception so was a happy bunny .

A swim , and quick shop was had , nobody wanted to walk into Norwich , as we all had our sailing heads on and wanted to get back on the river.  So past all the rowers we went , well some of them went flying past us, what a speed these boats can reach , looks a much better pastime/hobby / exercise than pounding tarmac destroying your kness, but I'm sure you need more than the price of a pair of trainers to become involved in the rowing club.

Sat outside Woods end for a late lunch, top class grub , the place was very busy but managed to get a table right beside our boat. It's really just a place to eat now though, no pub feel to it , so we moved the few hundred metres to Bramerton , and got comfy for the night . Chairs out , picnic rug, fishing gear set up and had the most relaxing of evenings , catching fish , drinking beers and having a bbq later on .

The daylight hours are long , but they still don't half flash by . A wee bit fishing in the dark then off to bed again to do it all again next day.

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Lovely write up so far.... everytime we mudweight somewhere i am convinced we will end up somewhere else by the time we wake up - all the others boats seem to look a lot closer come the morning - but never had an issue (so far)....

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Up early again, this time in the same spot when I retired :default_laugh:, but my morning fishing mojo still hadn't caught fire. Shame really as it's the most enjoyable peaceful, mindful time to watch the morning arrive. I went for a quick walk, then I was off again on another glorious morning cruise, the highlight having a 10 minute display from some bird :default_icon_redface:, ( I'm not really up on our feathered flyers!) , which stayed about 15 metres ahead of me , following the river in front , rising to about 30 metres and dive bombing the river . Hitting the water with some force but effortlessly rising into the air again to repeat the act, at least 15 times. It looked like some small gull, and I'm not sure if it was feeding or just honing it's skills . Very impressive. 

Stopped at Reedham , where the first attempt to moor was met with a gust which blew me off target. I abandoned it just in time, swung around and second attempt worked a treat. Another little stroll , then a few games of pool and across the new cut we headed. Food in the pub garden at St Olaves , accompanied by some enjoyable live music , in blistering heat . Again 3 good meals had , again the place was packed . A decison was made to find a nice fishing spot for the night , and before we knew it , we were at the pontoon at broads edge at oulton broad. More fishing , beer, chat and a vist to the club room for another couple of games of pool, this time with some locals.

Back on board , the tv got a rare usage and some comedy on DVD finished off another fine day. With the sun still forecast to burn hot , it was decided to make a nice morning vist and spend a few hours at Beccles Lido next morning .

Bring it on!!!

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Just now, Broads01 said:

Enjoying this so far. You've just reminded me why I've never been brave enough to mudweight for the night. 


Dont be put off by my stupidity!! I've done it around 30 times at a guess and it's the first time I've ever moved apart from the odd metre . I simply never allowed for the rise of the tide.

If the weather is calm , and your in a reasonable sheltered spot it's really not a problem . I quite often go close to the perimeter and lash onto an overhanging branch or lum which keeps you steady, but that's really just for fishing purposes , it does however give you that little bit safety net. Just make sure you are afloat before starting up in the morning!!

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The trick with mudweighting is to let out plenty of line. The pull is then more horizontal, which tends to give the weight more resistance in the gunk. I've drifted a few times before this truth sunk in (geddit?).

Sounds like you had a great time, WW. How could you not with this weather? :default_biggrin:

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So, up early again, I took my coffee and dropped my rod over the back of the boat, got a couple bite but no early morning monsters! , didn't fish long , so had a little tidy of the outside of the boat, and a trip to the bins. A lovely morning again, but oulton broad it's always windy , is it not?  So, roof down and Beccles here we come. 

Got to the Lido about 10am , and stayed for a while. As warm as it was , you still knew you were in Britain when you came out the pool!!. Done quite a lot of swimming and had a shots off the diving board but as the day went on it got busier and busier so showered and packed up , and had a stroll around the very quaint Beccles . It does have a feel as if you on a movie scene from some 18century period drama! 

Got some food and barbecue stuff for the evening, and headed up to Geldeston . The pub wasn't serving food untill later, one barmaid was struggling with quite a large crowd and the toilets were blocked. I don't think I seen it in its best light. Shame, as I imagine it has a bit of a dual personality. Done some fishing and caught some sun, but a day launch of about 14 late teen early twenty descended on us ,they were  very loud and boisterous , that I can live with . I was young once. But the drunker they got , the more they forgot their surroundings . And their patter was cringe, calling each other guvnour :facepalm:So we headed for a wild mooring about 5 minutes away. Stunning little bit we found , next to a path which was frequented by a few dog walkers. More  beer, barbecue and some big fish , we were set up for the night , until my wife realised we were listing a bit ! , turns out we were on the lip of a shelf , so I pushed us off but with a couple of hours to low tide we decided to go back to the original spot , just before the light disappeared . Had lovely cruise back with the last of the light . We returned to our mooring and found the young crew had left all their cans bottles and pint glasses strewn about the moorings. It really saddens me when people treat their land like this , they have absolutely no respect, for themselves or anything else.

Sat outside and chatted for while ,watched some football highlights ,  then bedtime again , aware the week  was starting  to close in . Time and tide stands still for no man , right enough!  

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Good blog of your visit WW

I'd be very careful about where you "drop your rod" however.

We've all had a couple bite, I find that it is usually some early morning monsters however and have to be selective. I guess Oulton Broad is a little more classy than my neck of the woods, which isn't too difficult to be honest :default_rofl:

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2 hours ago, SwanR said:

Shame about everything left at the mooring by other folk. Looking forward to reading where the next day took you.

It very much is a shame , on them .

I usually pick up the odd bit of litter lying about ( not just on the broads ) with the thought if everyone done that there would be no litter. ( of course there wouldn't be any if folk just took their own :facepalm:) but there was too much , it was strewn about the field. 

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17 hours ago, Wonderwall said:

We returned to our mooring and found the young crew had left all their cans bottles and pint glasses strewn about the moorings. It really saddens me when people treat their land like this

The last time Uncle Albert was out on  Royal Tudor we had moored at Paddy's lane and the old boy was deep in conversation with a couple with three young kids about littering and the amount of rubbish we had found and picked up on wild moorings on the Ant. As I walked past them to fetch the old boy a cup of tea, my tobacco pouch dropped from my pocket. On returning with the old boy's tea the couple were saying how difficult it was to 'teach children in today's throw away society to pick up after themselves'.
"It's not hard at all!" declared Uncle Albert as he clipped me around the back of the head.
"Pick up the litter dropped Timothy! What no biscuits?"

Different times and generations I'm afraid.

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Awoke early again, and was going to fish , but the water was so clear , I spent about an hour feeding the fish!!! Watching them take  all different types of bait , seeing how the different species went about their business, and surprisingly, bread seemed to be the biggest faviroute, attracting bigger fish , they seemed less keen on the red maggot, and only the small fish seemed interested in the ground bait. None of them even looked at the sweet Corn!, A very interesting , therapeutic hour spent. 

We headed off back to Beccles YS and myself and my wife had a walk around and got some breakfast as the young lad chilled on the boat . Then it was a very slow cruise onto the Waveny River centre with some tunes blasting out , and lots of reminiscing. I went for a swim at the WRC then settled down for some fishing , plan to eat in the restaurant and watch our great rivals play Columbia. We were in " enemy " territory so it was going to be an experience!!,

Next to us moored up was 2 Richardsons boats who were together . Nice enough friendly people , but let's say they were " down to earth" I was brought up in one of the roughest estates in Edinburgh ( you can probably tell!!!) so I'm very far removed from a snob!    Anyway , they had the engineer out because 

1. They had broken some cupboard door 

2. They had blocked the toilet with a baby wipe.

3. Their batteries were failing.

The engineer was there for a while, and left with a very cheery smile and word to them. Later that night , it appeared every light was turned on in their boat for a long time!! The boatyards must get their patience tested over a season !!! 

A nice meal in the pub , I'm not one to complain but my steak was a bit tough , and when I mentioned this to the waitress when asked how my meal was , a round of drinks was given to us . A very nice gesture I thought.

played pool and watched the 1 st half of the football, then retired to the boat for the second , as it was like sitting in the rival end on derby day!! However , on the boat we kept losing signal, so myself and the young lad returned to the pub, and watched the mighty England for once hold their nerve and deservedly win on penalties . 

Back for some fishing , just as the light was going and we both caught some healthy perch and bream . After a tidy up , I sat on the roof of the boat , listening to the night broads noises and gathered my thoughts , reminding myself how lucky I was to be there , with my loved ones , all be it one missing!!    A few beers was making me quite emotional , about 40+ years of broads memories . I raised my final glass of the night in memory of those who are no longer here  , and those who I will return with . 

A flask made , toast and tea , then bed to regretfully call time on another fine  day here. Reminding myself I am going to wake up on the broads , with a cruiser , sun and special people with me. 

Still lights on the boat next door!!!!!

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awoke around 0630 , beautiful again, but a private boat just opposite us already had his engine running . Im not one to get over excited about this kind of thing, live and let is the way forward, but why, on such a beautiful morning do they not just go for little cruise and back? two birds , one stone and all that. I fished for a little while then went for a walk . Its a smart set up at the WRC , all the amenities are modern , with the glamping and yutes looking top notch .

A very short cruise to Oulton broad, another walk , picking where we shall have lunch.  back to the boat , where a terrific spell of fishing was had, with a few big fish caught, unusual for the middle of the day. We went to the " copper pot??!!" a new restaurant, on the same side and close to the entrance to the park. Very very nice, highly recommended, something a little different.

The main St , and Oulton broad itself is looking a bit tired these days. Such potential here as well, I hope it dosent slide any further . The big tour boat was doing a great trade, so the visitors are there, as was the mooring busy.

After lunch we set off and ended up at somerleyton (passing our 2nd otter of the week, the first around brundal). As far as I can remember, I cant recall ever overnighting here, so we made camp and set up for the night. the young lad pulling fish out at fair rate, some good sizes. Me , not so much!!

I took a stroll up to the pub , but as expected it was just a place for eating . Looked lovely , but I do like a traditional bar, with darts dominoes and pool  . Gave the young lad the bad news , then assisted him for the rest of night , pulling in fish and the odd eel.

It was mostly private boats around us, a very friendly atmosphere , in a lovely spot , somewhat sheltered in the fast river. Barbecue for supper, and I think we watched a dvd . My last full day ahead tomorrow , just where does the time go?.  I was just beginning to unwind!!!!!!!!  

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Got up, had coffee and a spot of fishing , it was a bit cloudy , but still warm . Had a tidy up and a trip to the bins . The bins were overflowing , I managed to squeeze mine in a bin, and tidied up the best I could , but they really were at bursting point .  I find it both sad and bewildering that a country which can afford nuclear weapons, cannot afford to empty  it's bins regularly. It's a strange world in which we live.

Set off and arrived at st Olaves about 9am. Went under the bridge and since it was really quiet, reversed moored beside the old drainage mill . Perfectly done with the aid of the bow thruster, but of course nobody was there to witness it! . 

Had breakfast on the roof and watched as a good few boats passed heading towards Oulton broad, probably all having crossed   Breydon around the same time , timing the tides. My wife also seen a " snake " in the water swimming along the surface. With a strong tide on the go, I helped ( as you do) a boat attempting to moor beside us. The American or Canadian family were so grateful, put a spring in my step. It's nice to be nice !!

Across the new cut . Wondering again , what does the tide do on this stretch ? Surely it is getting fed from both ends? Has anyone worked out how it behaves , I would like to know , have always wondered this !

Stopped at Reedham , got some ice creams and chatted to a few strangers . Also fed the ducks , and since time  was against us , we started to unload all our surplus food. Between cut up apples , some ham, cheese , grapes , blueberries and bread amongst a few other things , the thing they craved the most was bread!!, Maybe it is like us humans having the choice between fruit or crisps!!

We cruised up to Cantley, where my young lad took 5 straight games of pool from me !!!Holiday champion he was crowned!! Stayed for a bit , then cruised 5 mins to the pontoon next to the drainage mill , which I had never visited. A tidy little mooring, with well kept grounds, . There is a charge for overnight but looked well worth it . At that point , someone on a private boat boat in a bit distress asked if we could tow them somewhere they could reach land as there water pump had packed in .Well, I'm well aware that hire boats should not do this so was put in a bit of a position . With Cantley only 5 mins away and the tide in our favour , I lashed their boat to ours and slowly took them to the pub moorings , untied them and pushed them onto dry land . What would you have done? 

So the beautiful but sad cruise up to Loddon was all that was left . Only 5pm and nobody serving food yet. We were all keen to get a good mooring and set up for a special last night , so pizza and kebab take aways were bought and the moorings just opposite the boat yard , right on the end were taken .

Food was good, evening sun terrific , fishing fantastic , with my young lad again showing me up with a few cracking bream to finish the night off . I had a take on my spinner , felt like a biggie , but managed to unhook himself before I got him to the surface. The sad symbolic task of packing away fishing gear began. Sat with a night light , a couple of whiskies and watched my son fish away like the master he is.The three of us reflecting on a lovely holiday, in a place which is still a relatively hidden secret of a destination. 

I had a little stroll along the moorings, picking up some rubbish on my travels and putting it in the bins. I ain't no saint, big time, but it really saddens me that people find it acceptable to leave mess , it " rips my knitting!" as my amazing Granny would say..I wasn't litter picking, I was going for a nightime  stroll!

A hot drink, and sadly off to sleep in cabin for the last time. 

Well, the last time in July only hopefully :default_icon_razz:

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At that point , someone on a private boat boat in a bit distress asked if we could tow them somewhere they could reach land as there water pump had packed in .Well, I'm well aware that hire boats should not do this so was put in a bit of a position . With Cantley only 5 mins away and the tide in our favour , I lashed their boat to ours and slowly took them to the pub moorings , untied them and pushed them onto dry land . What would you have done? 




Exactly that. Good work!



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So , usual early rise , a final tidy up of fishing gear and last nights moorings, everything rounded up, a very short cruise with a 360 turn and my young lad stern moored perfectly at the boat yard . 

The Pacific crew as usual were cheery and helpful as we loaded the car . 

Thats it, it's over :default_badday:

A summary, 

the yard ,,,,,. Faultless. From booking to returning boat they never missed a beat. I would go back again in flash, and would recommend them hugely. Lovely people.

the boat ,,,, Every boat I have ever had , has good and bad points . Taking into consideration the price range of this boat I would give it 8.5 out of ten .

Visibility wasn't the best , the windscreen didn't drop and it just seem an awkward height . Luckily , the weather was such that you could stand and look above it . 

The tank for the loo was a bit smelly , one day after a  pump out even , every now and then you got a whiff , didn't last , but kept coming back. I assume if the boat was at a certain angle it happened .

You have to stay off the roof canopies , centre part is fine , but it is narrow .

Thats all the minus points .

The boat is very spacious for its length . There were cupboards we didn't even use . The bed was comfy . Simple things like a pole for the aerial, also , the tv gave us reception , even sometimes on the move when we put the football on .

The boat is designed to go under all the bridges with relative ease. It was easily the most responsive and easily handled boat I have ever hired . Mechanically it never missed a beat, I had the utmost confidence in it at all times .All appliances worked as they should , again , all down to a great yard I think. 

The boat itself was presented in the condition you hope for , both inside and out .The bow thruster was a handy edition ( and a nice toy!!!)

I would hire her again without a doubt, I will definitely go back to the yard, I really like the feel of the place.

The weather ,,,,,, was incredible , 40 year plus of being on the broads and never have I not seen even a hint of rain, untill this year. Usually see a nightime lightning storm , which is enjoyable and impressive, but this year was Spanish like summertime. 

The food and Norfolk people were excellent . If I had my time again , I would redeploy to Norfolk and make a life of it . I didn't, and now I can't , that's life.

Even the A47 on way home was trouble free, now that's unusual!!!!  The rest of the long road , was thankfully uneventful.

The crew,,,, Perfect , minus one!

A fabulous time had, on a great boat, in the best place . Shame it's so far away, but maybe that's what makes it so special. 

Thanks to all who have liked and commented on my ramblings , I hoped you enjoyed it , I certainly did .

Until the next time , all the best folks.

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What a wonderful write up, thank you so much for sharing your tale with us.

Great to get such a good recommendation for a yard and in fact I don't think that I have ever heard a bad word said about them.

The weather has certainly been amazing ... the first year since 2012 that we hadn't got a boat booked! Maybe that's why!!

And to finish ... like you I have wondered about the tide along the New Cut ... I'm sure there must be an answer somewhere. ;)

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