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Hi we have just purchased a raymarine e120 and have wired the 12 volt in without a problem, but then I got the instructions out to wire in the

new gps antenna into the seatalk wire when I found the the colour of the wires did not match each other or the instructions :cry .

Any advice or a recomendation of someone who i could get to wire it up would be great, we are based at wrc.

thanks Barry

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No Baz that’s enough to identify it, it will be a ray 125 differential receiver, I recommend that you use the seatalk connection then. You will need a seatalk junction box but don’t waste your cash on one from a dealer as they are available on fleabay for a lot less money as is the three contact plug and lead. Doing it that way will give you a seatalk junction into which you can tap any future raymarine stuff like autopilots and the like.

The ray 125 has 5 cables red which is power in, yellow which is seatalk in and out, brown RTCM which in this case should be to ground, green which should be connected to the red and shield (silver) which should be grounded along with the brown RTCM. If you terminate all these in the junction box the colours in the seatalk lead will correspond. You will know if all is connected correctly if the LED on the 125 blinks in the correct sequence for seatalk (as per manual)

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Ok i will give that a go. I love the size of the screen and want to bet the radar for it as well so if you dont mind i may call on you again for advice on that.

thanks very much for your help cheersbar


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Shotley Barry, had 15 years broads based after coming in from an even longer time at sea but decided it was making us a bit lazy so back to briny based with occasional trips to the broads. :naughty:

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