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Beccles Wooden Boat Show

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The New registrations comming out now have 4 numbers and a letter. A lot of the new Richardson's boats have them.

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Well what a fab time that was - thank you to Dave for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes in putting this ever growing show on. I think what makes it work so well is the smooth, informal approach to things. It is also a great place to meet fellow owners and discover new ideas (many seem to drool over Judith M and her Galley), but tips about saving precious Amp's from batteries and updating to LED bulbs while retaining an original light fitting.

While many have shared photos of the boats lined up, here is a good selection of us all on Oulton Broad getting ready for the Cruise in Company. This proved to be a great addition and seeing us all on the Waveney in line was amazing and would have given anyone passing or moored quite the surprise. 




























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Opps quite go to plan .......anyway what a great looking boat any info ?


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some of my pictures - somehow I didnt get time to take many, what with fitting handles onto the roof of Royal Tudor,  trimming shelves and fitting lights on Chamelion










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Well, what can I say, we had a wonderful time at the show, Fiona's heated towel rail went down a treat and quite a few more are going to be fitted it seems.

A special commendation certificate was awarded to Malanka for which she is suitably proud. The open boats were so good and simply inspirational, the work done and the hours required takes ones breath away.

The CinC was fun as always, mooring evolutions were easily completed despite the strong breeze and to see so many woodies all in the same place was a sight not to be missed. The company was stellar and the comeraderie was amazing, thanks guys we felt really welcomed by you all.

The evening barbeque was fun and the chat was good too. All in all a fitting way to spend the weekend.

We wanted a suitable end to the week as last Saturday morning my mum sadly crossed the bridge to join my father who has been waiting 25 years for my mum to join him. They are now peacefully reunited forever. We felt the weekend with boats and people which she loved as much as we did would be a suitable tribute to her long and happy life. Goodbye mum, or au revoir, we remembered you in style. 


Thank you everyone we had a lovely time.


Martin and Fiona 


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Thank you Pauline. In a slightly lighter vein she actually passed from a meningitis infection, so died in her sleep fighting heroically, not giving up without a fight which I knew was her greatest fear!  

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Hi Martin sorry for your loss

We enjoyed the Saturday night get together in good company.

A couple of photos from plastic fantastic side




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Beccles regular, forum member and all round good egg ( Victoryv - David )  painted the scene below for use in connection with this years event. After my daughters stroke in February he wanted to have his painting turned into posters and then used to raise money for the stroke charity. Those attending over the weekend could purchase one of these stunning commerative prints with all proceeds going to the stroke charity 'Different Strokes'. Different Strokes work particularly with young people (my daughter is 32) and so yesterday Hannah went to see them and handed over the weekends proceeds.

The final figure is actually £270 as we received another donation a couple of days later.

Sorry about the piccy. We haven't got any posters left and so I have used the one that spent the weekend pinned to a sandwich board down the quay!!




A cracking result as I am sure you will all agree.


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I still have a few left if anybody wants one all proceeds to the stroke charity. Pm me and I can post on, £15.00 inc post etc. I will post a better picture when I get home, the size is a2, Dave I have a little more money, will be in touch

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As promised a slightly better image.

I have 2 posters left if anybody interested, all proceeds to Dave's chosen charity


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