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Oxalic Acid

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Sometime over the Winter months I have to strip the rear cockpit on my boat, on the side panels there are a lot of black stains and I've be advised to treat these with Oxalic Acid once I've stripped them, I already have the Oxalic Acid, as the previous owners didn't have time to do it and left me a new box on the boat,, my problem is that going by all the bumph I've read on it, you need to neutralise it with a Borax solution, does anyone know where I can buy Borax, I've not seen it around for years,,, cheersbar

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Do you have just the crystals as opposed to a ready mixed gel like Y10 or similar? If so then mix a good strong solution in warm water, then add some wallpaper paste as that will help it cling to the surface. On GRP there is no need to neutralise the solution with Borax, just rinse off with copious quantities of water, then wash and rinse again with an alkaline detergent. Usual caveats as to handling apply, follow the instructions on the pack.

As you don't mention the material the panels are made of I have assumed GRP, but the method for teak is similar.

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cheersbar Sorry It's the wooden side panels! and it's crystals, I did read about adding wallpaper paste to it, and I've also found out it's good for removing rust stains, so it's quite handy stuff, I've been told that I can get Borax from Boots so i'll pop in and see, another site said you can neutralise it using a solution of ammonia and water, can't say I'm keen on that because it stinks like Baby's nappies, Oh the joys of owning a boat,, :cry Thank for the Info though, now wheres my rubber gloves???
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