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I wish to bring to attention a particularly nasty email scam which has recently surfaced. It is being called sexploitation, but I prefer the old-fashioned name BLACKMAIL!

A family member has just received one of these emails, but, after the initial shock, was sensible enough to report it to the police. You can read all about this latest scam on the police Action Fraud web site https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/news/alert-cyber-criminals-send-victims-their-own-passwords-in-new-sextortion-scam-jul18

It seems that criminals have got hold of email addresses and associated passwords, following data breaches of large companies. One such breach occurred in 2012, and involved LinkedIn, but other companies have been similarly affected, and this scam is only just now utilising the data that was stolen.

If you want to check whether any of your email addresses have been compromised, you can go to this web site to find out https://haveibeenpwned.com/ (you can either click on my link, or the same link that is provided on the Action Fraud web site).

Please tell your family and friends about this. Pre-knowledge may save them a great deal of distress. Don't think it can't happen to you, or them.

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I can verify this as I received one of these emails, fortunately the password it gave was from back in 2012, and that has since been changed multiple times. I also ran a malware scan just to be sure, plus though I use a laptop I use and external monitor so my webcams show nothing, so knew that they were making a phishing attack. it seems I got off lightly as I was only asked for $1000 in bitcoin.

So yes everyone do be aware there are scams like this out there.

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I got one of these last year without the password bit...I knew it was baloney as they mentioend a webcam which I havent got on my PC. so just ignored it however if I get another with my password I'll go through my emails and change the passwords. some of my email addresses are over 20 years old so have been around a bit!!

Thanks for the heads up

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With my employer having recently allowed itself, over a long period of time imho, to be vulnerable to attack..  and then it happened I was offered an Experian Identity plus freebie for a year. Followed the link and have got nothing of the sort. Any forum members any experience of Experian? They just keep offering 1 month free trials the £x per month after etc. I’m resignIng myself to lots of headaches and potential financial loss in due course. What I want is attempted fraud notification. Is there a better company than Experian? My initial experience based on employer recommendation is give Experian a wide berth.

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