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Engine Running Cold

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On the way back from WRC this weekend, one of our engines (Which normally sit on 80) started running cold - 40-50c.. my gut feeling is the thermostat has failed. Engine seems to be normal in every other respect.. Anyone elses thoughts accepted/ Engines Volvo 250 (Petrol) driving volvo 290 DP legs

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Hi Gav.

Are your lumps fresh or raw water cooled and are they V8's? Thought they were 205.s like mine.

Have not got a clue what mine run at as there are no temps on the dials but my fresh water lump runs with the needle at about 1/3 but the raw water cooled one will only just get out of the green.

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Hi Gav

I've had a similar problem with my port engine since we've had the boat. Even at full throttle it doesn't get above 70 degrees, whereas the starboard lump runs at 90. I have changed the thermastats in the port engine with no effect. I have now found the raw water pump in the starboard engine is a bit worn, having just had the seals replaced, but I can't see that being much of an issue. My gut feeling is simply a sender or a gauge problem.

If yours has suddenly dropped I would first suspect thermostats and then an electrical issue.

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Think because of the accuracy of the new instruments (New digital faria thermos) and the fact that the usual temp for the thermo open is 81c Im going to change the thermostat to start with. Had a chat with Gary at Brooms today and he is of a similar opinion. Going to pop up tomorrow and do it then see is there is a re-0ccurance. Thankfully all our instrumentation is new and still under warranty as was only done in July last year so if there is a sensor prob or thermocouple prob that can be addressed - apart from that, the engine was purring like a kitten!

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