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Holding tank

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Hi all

The old girl (Sea Jem not Tracy :grin: ) needs a holding tank fitted. I have two possible locations:

1) Under the dinette - there is a large area of free hull that could take a tank. It is only about three feet from the lavy but the pipe would have to go up a little to get to the top of the tank. My concern is putting the tank inside the boat and associated "vapours"

2) In the lazarette - this is some 17ft from the lavy. It gives easiest installation but the distance worries me. The pipe would have to run along the bottom of the boat so wont have any real fall over the distance. The info I have read talks about keeping the smells down by having pleanty of air in the system. In this location the "substance" would be sitting for a long while in the pipe.

3) Get a cassette toilet - though I am not a fan and guess who would be emptying it :o

What do you think?



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Crackerjacks holding tank is at the rear of the engine bay about 2 feet from the rear toilet and 20 feet from the front one. the pipe runs are nothing special and only go up over the tank at the end. I replaced the tank with a vetus plastic job and as long as you run a suitable vent overboard you should not have a problem with smelly loo :lol:

For vetus tanks see


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I know that quite a new boat moored just along from mine, had problems with the smell coming from the vent, which in their wisdom, the boat manufacturer chose to site close to the cockpit area.

This was overcome, by fitting a carbon filter to the vent. Of course you would still be enjoying the output from the vent with your cheese and wine, but at least you wouldn't smell it :lol:


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There are 2 schools of thought on Holding tanks Wayne, put a holding tank under the berth in our last boat and put a 1 1/2" vent on it, never had any problems with smells at all, this one already had one but it has a 1/2" vent and it is not as fresh. Make sure you use the proper pipe as well as vapour permeates the cheap stuff.

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Our holding tank is right under my bed! The pipe from the toilet goes down into the bilge to a 3 way valve to enable you to discharge to sea or the tank; it then travels uphill to the tank. We've got no real smells except for the normal bilge aroma which a Neutradol freshener seems to sort. The vent is another matter though, particularly when the tanks hasn't been used for a few days.

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Mark - it sounds like you have a little one :lol::lol::lol:

After research I think I am going for the under bunk option. That way I can keep the vent away from the beer area (I mean cockpit) and still use the existing sea cocks when we are 10 miles out :grin::grin:

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A very personal question Ian!! I think it's probably about 1", but terminates through the hull in one of those little chrome doofers that are used for fuel filler vent too.

Seems to back up the get lots of air theory then if yours pens a bit.

Didn't realise you were on those terms :naughty:

My interest in Marks vent is purely plutonic Gav, anyway I was looking for a big one :naughty::naughty:

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Hiya all

I have now got a nice new electric toilet installed and have built a frame to house the holding tank. This frame is softwood and under a bunk so it will not be seen. I was thinking that I really ought to put sometimething on the wood to protect it so I went down to the local Blakes stockist to get some Bilge paint. Of course I need primer too and the little amount I need will be over £30.00 :o

Has anyone got any suggestions for a cheaper route?



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