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Fair Marquess - Under Starters Orders For 2019


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As much as I love the broads,can't help thinking pricing like this and other boats.They may price themselves out of the market.For those prices you can have a good holiday in Europe or even the states.One reason we brought our boat was cost.Not including the price of the boat,running costs each year is about two and a half to three thousand pounds. For that we can use the boat when ever we want

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I appreciate that internally they are fantastically well fitted and finished with all the mod cons the modern hirers seem to demand but surely it is possible to achieve this and still retain a modicum of a traditional boat shape.

However I suppose the same comments were made when what we now refer to as bath tubs first appeared and they now have an almost iconic position , only time will tell .

We hired Spitfire when she was only a week old , the first of the new state of the art “triple deckers”, I look at that design now and to me it looks dated and hasn’t aged well.

Richardsons newer offerings have all the mod cons , are able to pass most if not all of the Broads bridges and still look like boats and imho I believe they will be the classics of the future , much like the much loved Connoisseur boats have become .

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i used to think that an old lifeboat hull was stylish and boat like - but on reflection it wasn't!!

People want their hire boats to look like floating flats and have loads of room and island beds and an en suite for everyone, and drench showers, and household toilets - they are the boats which let the best!

So whats that telling you?? That they want old fashioned looking boats with less room and less mod cons? I don't think so ......!!!!

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Out of step completely. I rather like it's stubby look. As with all designs only time will tell. I wonder if people greeted the Windboat post-war classics with the same disdain. Remember thinking in the late 60s that 'Ultima' from the Neatishead B.Y. was the bees knees but today............what the heck did I see in it? 


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It looks like the front half should break away and speed off leaving the back section behind like a small version of the boat in 'Thunderball'. The boat in 'Thunderball' had better lines IMHO.

There is no reason that luxury fit outs couldn't be done to any boat including bathtubs.


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7 hours ago, BroadAmbition said:

That is one fugly boat no matter how good below decks (imho of course)


Agreed...... although we do like / appreciate modern day luxuries when we are on the river - still want the boat to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.... 

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