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That is the hotel and travel business and boats are really no different. If you want best choice or to be first with a new model be it car, phone, tablet etc you pay top dollar wait and you wil pay less. Last minute bookings are OK but often there is little choice.

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I agree that it is the chance that you take with all holiday bookings. If you have the flexibility to book last minute, or to take whatever accommodation is left, then you may get some great offers. For me, with leave to book from work, and with only certain boat layouts that work for us, we've always tended to book well in advance to get what we want ... hence why I've started looking at possible options and prices for 2019.

Unfortunately Barnes' fleet doesn't have much that interests us so we're not likely to be booking. Plus a bargain is only a bargain if you really needed whatever is on offer or really have that money to spare. To buy a holiday for £700 because it would be a whole week for the price of a short break, would still be £700 more than I intended to spend. Still sounds tempting ...!!

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For all the hype of best summer since 76 in truth August and early September were relatively disappointing. On the presumption that a lot of hirers book at shorter notice these days, well compared to 40 years ago, I’m not surprised deals are being paraded when the weather went south. For shore you could sit back and ponder but if you want to holIday at a specific future date then the premium is worth paying. To boat or not to boat... that could be the answer.

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Be fair Peeps. Business is business.. deals are offered, some get 'em, some don't.

Rather than think of it as loading prices at high season, think of it as dropping prices at other times. Prices when options abound are normal, when options are limited, discounted.

You pays your money, you takes your choice (as has been said before). 


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