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Coast villages to be sacrificed to the sea

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We looked at a property at Walcot about 2 years ago. It was a bungalow (needed plenty of work, asbestos?) 1 acre of land, backing on to fields. It was at least 1/2 a mile form the cliffs. What concerned us was why it was only 80K. A bit of digging around uncovered a North Norfolk erosion plan. The bungalow was expected to be lost in 30 years. The erosion spoil being washed down the coast to protect higher density housing. It is sad if people loose their homes to the sea but this has always happened.

Is this a case of people getting a bargain then expecting the tax payer to pay for its protection?


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Pete that is a shame but then if you live in a house by the sea if you wish to stay there or can't afford just to pick up sticks then you stay at your own risk as you would say. most people have done for years.

like members and local people live or in the area of the Broads :pirate

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if they did what they was planning to do years ago build a wall all around the UK fair enough would have cost a bomb but would of payed off meny times over by now.

the hole of the UK is crumbling little by little the hills around the coast with there houses on boats sunken cause of high tide and fast currents debrie in the water causing boats to sink. houses getting washed out cause of floods the only thing i can see to stop all this from taking place in the future it to build the wall around the UK and reinforce it with something. :evil:

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i think its time the government got there fingers out and started looking at the real danger


as all they seem to do is just pick and squabble at each other hows that going to get use anywhere?

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