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BA And Their Tide Tables


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Another post I made reminded me to mention this.

Many of you  will remember that the BA have started sending out reminders/requests for tolls in early February.

Being a thoroughly decent chap, I sent them my money straight away, also requesting two copies of their Tide tables.

I didn't check them when they arrived but put them straight in my 'boat bag".

Just imagine my surprise when I needed to refer to one only to find they had sent me two "current" booklets, that is to say covering the period they received my order April 2017 to March 2018. Yes, that was indeed irritating, but I really 'lost it' when I tried to acquire this years at the Reedham office and again at the Beccles yacht station, only to find neither place had one.

Some very naughty words were thought! 

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Ask for two freebies when you next toll your boat, stress which year you want them for. If they don't comply tell them you have the whole forum ( those that agree with you ) behind you - the consequences for BA could be severe! I had been using those sent to me without checking the date. Good job we use the pilot could have ended up with a bang on the head instead of the ankle!

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The shorebase website, http://www.norfolk-broads.org/index.htm shows the comparative height for the low tide at Gorleston, plus the moon and tide phase, sunrise and sunset times plus low water times and the offsets for the main locations on the broads. And I've never known them get the high and low tides confused!

There is also a set of interactive maps with aerial photography, links to main boatyards and marines etc. give it a look, it's my favourite broads website, after this one of course. 


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Sounds about par for the course with BA. Mind you, you could congratulate them for using up the old stock before issuing the new stuff.      :default_rofl: 

I just have a look online if I need to know anything about the tides. Simples!

You can pick up the Broadsheet all over the Broads and amongst all the rehashed stories (are they still doing the story about the lion in the reeds at Hickling Broad ?) there are the current tide tables.


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On ‎16‎/‎09‎/‎2018 at 19:18, annv said:

A owner of a  boat yard said to me some years ago that if you kept the old tide books after so many years they will be correct again less year date ! Does anybody know of this. I have a drawer full of old tide table books.John

It is rumoured that Noah had one that is now currently relevant.

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