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Thought I would share this in case anyone wants to show their support to the work Mark is trying to do.

I know not many people may be concerned about what happens past "that Bridge", but if you are then feel free to contact Mark.

Mark Wakelin, Ex Chief Navigation Officer of the Broads Authority has been applying pressure in various appropriate areas regarding the lack of safe mooring provision at Hall Quay, Great Yarmouth. In addition he has involved himself in the consultation regarding the third river crossing for Great Yarmouth Harbour which is due to be built in the near future.

Mark has issued the press release below and would like to hear from you if you are prepared to show support for his efforts. His email address is at the bottom of the press release. Just let him have your details, ideally including what boat you have and where kept and he will keep you updated.

Clearly the more supporters he has, the more weight his arguments will carry.

Now if only he could sort those other bridges out........

Consortium Launched!
A new association for the owners of seagoing boats based in the Broads is being launched today: Broad Sea Consortium will represent the interests particularly of boat users who need to gain access to the Broads from the sea via the ports of Gt. Yarmouth and Lowestoft.
Broad Sea Consortium has been developed by Mark Wakelin, the former Broads Authority Chief Navigation Officer, himself a keen owner of a seagoing yacht based at Reedham.
Mark Wakelin said: “Its easy to forget that the Broads are a tidal public navigation historically open to seagoing vessels, including cargo ships. Boats arriving from sea, or going to sea have to pass through Gt. Yarmouth or Lowestoft, but their interests fall into the yawning chasm between Broads Authority and the Port Authorities. In Yarmouth, in particular, the port authority effectively seeks to deny that recreational and small craft exist. Broad Sea consortium intends to do something about this!”
James Fraser, MD of Norfolk Yacht Agency which is the largest private yacht dealership in East Anglia said “We are seeing an increase in interest from owners of private motor yachts in cruising at sea. Our NYA Cruising club which organises club cruises is more and more popular, and going to sea adds interest and excitement to our members boating activity. Owners are keen to learn the skills of seamanship and coastal navigation. But getting to or from sea via Yarmouth is becoming increasingly difficult and stressful. We welcome Broad Sea Consortium and its efforts”.
Initially Broad Sea Consortium has been campaigning to get something done about the dangerous and unsatisfactory moorings at Hall Quay, Gt. Yarmouth, which are the only moorings for small craft in the harbour. It has been involved also in the planning for the new Third River Crossing bridge, seeking to ensure that a sensible operating regime is included for recreational and small craft.
Said Mr. Wakelin: “ There are historical reasons why Gt. Yarmouth seems to have set its face against small craft, but it just isn’t right that the safety of harbour users today is being put at risk by dangerous mooring facilities. I like to think that Admiral Lord Nelson, up on his column, must be appalled at the way small boat sailors are being ignored in the port. It seems that the only thing the port authority has learned from the Admiral is the ability to turn a blind eye on its responsibilities!”
“ We realise that Broads Sea Consortium caters to quite a small and specialised target audience, but we believe that these are important issues. We intend to be flexible and light on our feet and to use internet and social media to keep contact with our membership and respond quickly to the issues and threats which affect our activity. We intend to see the Broads and Gt. Yarmouth in particular restored to their rightful position as jewels in the crown of the British boating scene. Too long has the sorry situation in Yarmouth deterred boating visitors in their thousands from visiting a fascinating historic harbour or passing onwards into the Broads National Park”
Broad Sea Consortium can be contacted via emwake01@gmail.com, tel 07747 604344. Broad Sea Consortium is also keen to hear from boatowners and harbour users in the ports of Gt. Yarmouth and Lowestoft – there are many matters where there are common issues and concerns with Broads seagoing boat owners.

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50 minutes ago, Baitrunner said:

It's a shame if people ignore this because of those 2 little words. 

But they are not little words, are they? To so many of us who love the Broads we grew up in, they represent the Sword of Damocles. And we are deliberately reminded of it, at the slightest excuse.

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