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Licence For The Tidal Medway?


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I have just been asked this evening to give a hand shifting a sailing boat from the Thames Estuary to a marina on the tidal Medway below Allington Lock. The marina insist that he pays a licence fee for the river. The boat has been moored there before, has not ever been through Allington Lock, does not have a BSS certificate and has never had one. My friend has no intention of using the boat above Allington Lock.

No doubt there are a few very knowledgeable members of this forum who know these sort of things ad can provide an answer. Apart from temporary licences I believe that yearly licence applications need to go straight to the EA and need a BSS certificate too so. How can a boatyard be selling "licences" for a year?

I have always believed that the lower tidal Medway does not need a licence.     

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Yes, as Psychic says, you have to have a license to moor on the tidal Mudway. This used to be issued the MPA (Mudway Ports Authority) on behalf of the Crown Conservancy whatever, or something like that, but i think it`s all changed from when i used to moor Mistral at Rochester, then later downriver opposite Upnor, in the 90s and early 00s.

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As others mentioned, you will need a Peel ports conservatory licence (Not sure what they are conserving) if your boat is permanently moored afloat on the tidal mudway, it's about £65 quid per year.  It's not policed though unless you are being locked into a marina then only then I guess you are checked, maybe.

It is a bit of a joke as there are no facilities and the medway isn't being dredged but yeah you should have one.  Marina's or local clubs often offer a discount and you can get for £49 pa.

If you are residential though and pay council tax on the boat then you are except, even if you use the boat?! (I tried to pay but they wouldn't take the money!).

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