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Our Time In Switzerland


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Dear All,

Just a quick five minutes to let you all know something and explain why we haven’t been on the forum much since August. 

The firm I work for has been bought by another American firm and as a result our time in Switzerland may be coming to an end. Justin will complete his International Baccalaureate in June next year and then we ( Fiona and Myself) will be free to go wherever the employment takes us.

we have lived outside the UK for 15 years now and we must admit To beginning to desire a return to blighty. We will of course go wherever the wind blows and enjoy our next adventure. 

We would also like to thank everyone for their condolences on the passing of my mum. For those interested in such things she died suddenly and unexpectedly from meningitis aged 86yrs. The family are well, Christian graduated from UEA with a 2:1 in international development. He is working now and on his way to complete independence. Eliza will be 1 in a few weeks, she is now walking very well indeed and even has a few words as well. Helena will be returning to Canterbury in October to continue her studies in Animal Science. After his IB Justin intends to read Military History and Politics in the UK before embarking on a career within the UK military.

So it’s all go and all change chez nous, which for those familiar with our comings and goings is pretty par for the course.

Many many thanks to you all for a magnificent summer in which we met up with many new friends and supped large with ones of old.

This year we did many new things and enjoyed every minute with friends old and new.


Next year it’s that bloody bridge or bust.... 


See you all afloat.


Martin Fiona et al.

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It’s on the list but not for at least 5 yrs more. Too much left to do. 

We are seriously looking at properties in Norfolk and Suffolk at the moment for future retirement potential and rental income in between. 

I am jealous but it’s just not me YET, close but no banana.



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If the finances would allow, we always planned to retire early. I was lucky because part of my career was spent working for a paint company with a red propeller logo which at that time was part of Courtaulds who's final salary scheme paid in full at age 54! But it was still a hard call as retiring 10 years early does have a detrimental effect on pensions designed to be drawn at 65. However moving from a very desirable Chiltern Hilltop Village to North Norfolk provided a quite large six figure sum that helped.

The Swiss arm of a German dishwasher to wind turbine company that I worked for asked me to stay for one more year on full salary for very few hours per week which prepared me for retirement nicely.

I can honestly say we enjoyed every bit of our retirement, gardening, walking, boating, days out etc.

In my present situation there is not a day goes by that I do not thank whoever or whatever made me retire early. Judith and I had 10 wonderful years together in retirement. Had I carried on until I was 65 we would have had 15 months before her terminal cancer struck.

Strange writing this today as it is my birthday, 4 years over retirement age but I have already been off the treadmill for 14 years.

I guess the fact that we married so young and had our two sons young also helped  as both had completed university by the time I was 50.

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for me, my pension scheme came into force when I was 51 and made redundant, normally it would have been 55 but the redundancy clause cut in at 50. the thing was I used all my redundancy money and pension lump sum to pay off my mortgage, this left a meagre annual pension of £9000 a year, so for me the option of retirement at 51 wasnt viable, so it was back to work, though it did mean I was able to take a step down the rungs of the employment ladder and take a post that I could easily manage with no responsibility and no stress and in which I could excel without effort. to me this is the next best thing to retirement, as I am doing work which I am happy at while keeping my mind active.

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