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Asap Data Breach


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1 hour ago, Regulo said:

Just got an email from ASAP Supplies, telling me about a data hack on them. Check your bank accounts regularly, no company is safe from these scum.

Me too. I'd suggest that if you may be affected you cancel any cards you have used at ASAP and get new ones issued.

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Snap, just received the same email as well. Fortunately I use a password database program which means I have unique user name and password combinations for each website I have a logon for, meaning that if my user name and password have been breached for ASAP, it will not work on any other website I have accounts on. I have also checked my last purchase from ASAP and it was made using Paypal, which should be safer because you get temporarily transferred from ASAP's website to Paypal and have to login separately there to complete the payment transaction.

They have been a little coy however on saying just how much of the payment details has been compromised. BA are in line for a huge fine over their recent data breach because full payment details including the credit card CVN number were stolen. Companies are allowed to store most of your credit card details, but are not allowed to store the CVN number.

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13 minutes ago, ChrisB said:

By BA , I am sure EastCoastIPA is refering to British Airways not our own organisation controlling The Broads.

I think the Blessed Authority still use quill pens and parchment,  based on renewing more than one boat toll and multiple copies of Broadpastit news sheet being posted to the same address.  A good computer database system couldn't get that confused. :default_biggrin:

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50 million, yes, that's 50,000,000 facebook accounts have been hacked. It has taken a couple of weeks for those in charge of FB to get around to mentioning this to the world.


E-mail accounts as well as names and addresses have been laid bare to these low lifes. Whether bank details have also been obtained is still not known (been admitted).

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I get roughly 1 1/2 phishing emails a week at work, all get reported to IT as per our rules at work, we have received extensive training, so its just the senior managers that still fall for this, they have now implemented every external email having 'external' added in the title.

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