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Chrome Plating

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A good plater should be able to repolish it for you, and they'll do a better job than you can as they have the correct buffing wheels and compounds,. When we had the wing mirrors done the arms were in pretty good nick, but the back of the mirrors themselves which were much thinner were quite badly pitted. I was amazed at the job they did, and it took them about two minutes. 

They should also replate with new compounds which are much stronger than the original finish. They were even able to repair the rear bumper which had a hole in it and once ground back, polished a plated the repair virtually invisible. Expensive, yes, IIRC the bumper alone cost over £300, but cheaper by far than a new one at £1500

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4 hours ago, grendel said:

is that the same ashford, the telephone code is ashford in Kent, I see that links to a chroming site near pluckley, which should be within easy travel distance for Mark

I think it is the same, I used Chesham Plating, but they closed their plant and would send it away. The paperwork was Ashford. They used to do a lot of car bits for restorers.

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38 minutes ago, psychicsurveyor said:

I am waiting for a quote from Ashford,  my unease was stirred by a lot of poor reviews , hence looking further afield.

I am going back, The last thing you want is a bad chrome job, bad chroming looks terrible.

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Herewith from one of my mates that has lots of chrome plating and the like carried out on many motorbike restoration jobs. Said mate is also one of the Lads Week crew, I have known him for an age so his comments can be trusted:-


Hi Griff,  I use Prestige plating at Mexborough.




Address: Unit 6, Cliff Street Industrial Estate, Mexborough S64 9HU

Phone: 01709 577004

Beware they are not fast, currently have a up to 6 month return time! but they are the best.




Alternatively I have used Bob Cooper at Coventry (cheaper and he does exhaust cleaning etc)

again not very fast (although he will say he is.....he aint)

Phone 01785-212878 or 02476-364004

Yours, Linden


Hope that helps,








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