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I did my one and only marathon (well, 32 miles actually) running up and down Southend Pier, in a near gale, one February day in the mid seventies. We raised some money for a good cause (Muscular Dystrophy, I believe), but that one time, well and truly got the 'marathon bug' out of my system and I've never had the slightest urge to repeat the experience...

But good luck 'jayfire' should you decide to enter a Norfolk marathon, at least you can be assured, that like Southend Pier,  you'll be probably be running on the flat and in the wind too... :53_cold_sweat:

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Good effort KF, well done.

I've done dozens of marathons, and ultras up to the 100 mile mark, but having the chance to hopefully tie in a Sunday morning run, before returning to the boat for a quick cruise and then an evening in a broads pub during a week (or more) on board means I'll probably be writing this one into next year's running plans :default_biggrin:

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2 hours ago, Jayfire said:

Whilst everyone is busy discussing less important issues, does everyone know that 

Norfolk is about to get it's first official marathon

And here too

I know I'm up for it, anyone else (Yes I'm aware this thread will sink like a stone) :default_biggrin: 



I have a problem running a bath,never mind a marathon. ?

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I once went into a serious training programme to attempt a marathon, that would have been around 83-ish, Never did get to do it though as the RN, going to sea and the like kept getting in the way.  I have no intention of brooding over that particular 'Ambition' not fulfilled.  However I wish you the best in your efforts and have nothing but admiration / respect, and yes a tiny bit of jealousy for those that have the time / dedication to achieve such a feat



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Ahh, thanks everyone for your offers of sponsorship. The purpose of this thread was just to advertise the event plans, however after the wonderful offers, nearer the time if I run for charity I will let you all know, although next week I should get my annual rejection magazine from the London Marathon ballot (only managed to run that one once).

Thanks everyone for being so kind :default_smile:

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