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The Woolwich Ferry

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Sadly the old Woolwich ferry is now retired.The replacements are due in next January.Have some great memories of the boats.Have said before, as a child my granddad used to take me across on Saturdays.We would go to the docks and watch the ship's.In recent years helping to collect for the RNLI.I hope the sleepers and crew retain there jobs and return in the new year.Looking forward to the new boats.There are a few vids on u-tube.


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I realise I am going to show my age now but I can remember the old Woolwich ferries powered by steam engines and with paddle wheels each side.

The engine room had  big viewing holes in each side and us kids used to be enthralled by the sight of those big shiny crankshafts rotating. The engineers were very proud of their engines and they were always spotless.

Aah! Happy memories. 

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2 hours ago, Chelsea14Ian said:

Your are wrong Alan.In London you get a Oyster + 60,once you hit 60.so I only pay on br trains up to 09.30.Buses underground,DLR and Overground is free.

One rule for London whilst the rest of the country has to wait, 62 plus now in Sheffield but with the same travel time restrictions.



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I have used the foot tunnel many times when I was a kid.

Also, I am fortunate to live in Greater London and have a freedom pass which I can use on all transport in London at any time of the day and on buses outside London I think after 9.30am. What a great present that was on my 60th birthday, I use it all the time and the car sits in the driveway and saves me buying petrol. 

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Lol guys, was called Dart Tag, now Dart Charge. Or, when desperate, Blackwall Tunnel as alternatives. The thought of me taking the Passat apart and reassembling on the northern bank conjures up many thoughts.:default_dunce:


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