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Doctor Who


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What do you think to the new Doctor?

I did not stop watching for the whole hour.  Not quite transfixed but ...

I thought Jodie played it very well.  It will be interesting to see how the series develops.

Now Strictly.  I do like Autumn on the Beeb!

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We watched it and I was not expecting to enjoy the “pc” lady Doctor at all , however both Kate and I thoroughly enjoyed it , in my part it may be due to the fact that I disliked Peter Capaldi as The Doctor , but as said I did enjoy the opening episode of this new incarnation and will wait and see how the series matures

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What is going to happen now? The Doctor has completely muffed up the attempt to get to the tardis and dragged Bradley Walsh with her and they are now floating in space.

Will The Chase have to find another presenter?

Come back Mr Pertwee. He would have sorted it out.

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1 minute ago, Chelsea14Ian said:

I to like the new series,as many know I am a big fan of strictly.

Oh dear, somebody else has lost the plot. That is what happens once you get your bus pass. What about The Doctor and poor old Bradley Walsh?     :default_icon_e_confused: 

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1 hour ago, CambridgeCabby said:

Any well designed boat , to me , has a lot in common with the Tardis , all the comforts of home in a 30ft by 9ft 6 Box (in our case) , rarely goes where you intend , temperamental and with it own unique imitable character , yet we wouldn’t be without them in our lives .

I am sure my boat is a Tardis.

The theory of a Tardis is that it is powered by a Black Hole at its centre.

I am sure I have a Black Hole on my boat. Things like petrol, beer and money just disappear never to be seen again. Other things like combs, mirrors, mobile phones, the wallet, tools and a myriad of other stuff disappear only to materialise days later. Very strange, or is that just me?

DON'T ANSWER THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     :default_wacko: 

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So people are quite content that the Doctor is an alien, has two hearts, travels in time and has re-incarnated more times than his fictional character is meant to be able to. But to regenerate as a woman is apparently in-appropriate?  :default_icon_e_confused:

I was more annoyed that the doctor has suddenly become a Northerner .... everyone knows she/he was a Londoner. 


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1 hour ago, ranworthbreeze said:

The BBC lost the plot many years ago, a bit like Doctor Who. 

These days we rarely watch the BBC, we may watch the odd program on catch up after sorting through all of the programs with sub titles.



I'm afraid I have to agree.It seems most of the best new TV comes from the commercial or pay per view sector. About the only things we ever watch from "Auntie" anymore are BBC4 programmes from the I-player. 

As for Doctor Who I'll reserve judgement until I have seen more. I didn't like Peter Capaldi at first but actually came to quite like his portrayal though for me, nobody can ever live up to Tom Baker. 

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