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Malanka Out And About Next Week


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We will be taking the old lady out and about with a different crew next week. Justin is studying hard for his IB next year and won’t be joining us. But little Eliza and her mum will be along for the float.


honk say hi or wave as we pass by. 


Looking forward to floating .



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Oh yes I surely will. Officially unemployed as of last Friday. I’m currently doing what is referred to as enjoying “gardening leave”. Sounds great but is boring as anything and pretty soul destroying. Before I get to boat I flew from Zurich to Hamburg yesterday where I will be speaking today and tomorrow at a pharmaceutical educational conference, then Thursday fly on to Amsterdam for a new job interview on Friday Then after that fly to Norwich for holiday with the family, it’s all go when you’re unemployed you know!!


see everyone whose floating next week. 



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We will be down south on way to Norwich ys Christian has an interview weds. 

Well here I am sitting bored rigid at Schipol airport, where I have been for the past three hours after finishing my interviews for a new job! Done book reading paper reading food eating. Am now reduced to people watching whilst charging my chargeables on the comfy seats. The finding of which after two hours flattening my bum on wooden ones made me feel very inadequate. The secret was the sign that read comfort zone!! Doh! 

Good thing is we-board in 30 minutes for a quick puddle jump to Norwich International airport ( sic) quick taxi as I don’t think Fiona will want to come get me after driving for ten hours. Hopefully she has some fizz chilling . I haven’t seen her since Tuesday morning and I’ve missed all the holiday packing and prep. Dog grooming and all that good stuff. I was stuck in a Hamburg hotel meeting room entertaining sorry lecturing to a bunch of folks about particle testing for injectable products. I kept them awake and hopefully get an invite to next years shindig which is in Vienna, which was where I had to skip the gig last year due to the arrival of gorgeous little Eliza.

its so close I can almost feel it. I can’t feel my bum as that’s now completely fallen off . Can’t wait to smell the smell and know we’re going to wake up floating . Can’t beat that IMO. 

Playing guess the nationality before hearing the speaking at the moment, not doing too badly actually. 


Ok ok I should really leave now. So bored.......



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